Under construction! An interconnected, comprehensive dictionary of Sporcle terms. For now, check out this thread, but check back here as the definitions are migrated over to this permanent location, with new ones to follow eventually!



ANSWER FIELD The box into which an answer is typed on a quiz creation/edit page.


BLITZ A quiz relying more on answering speed than factual knowledge. Has many answers, a short timer, or both. It is not one of the seven formalized quiz types; rather, it is a style of quiz that can be made from any of the different types (such as classic or clickable) by utilizing a short clock.

BONUS ANSWER An answer in a classic-type quiz that is accepted and will pop up as a extra displayed answer, but is not required to complete the quiz and is not included in the quiz’ stats. Marked with an “ee” in the Extra Info column of the “Data” tab of the quiz creation dashboard. Used to perform a variety of functions, including (but not limited to) the inclusion of “near-miss” answers that fall just outside an established threshold, the explanation for answers that are disqualified on a technicality, or for humorous effect. Can be converted into mines by checking off the “Bonus/Hidden answers become wrong answers” option in the quiz creation dashboard, which will cause the bonus answer to register as an incorrect answer. This functionality can be used in clickable-type quizzes, while bonus answers cannot.

BULLETIN A status that displays on your profile page. Sporcle users can comment on your bulletin. You can pin your most recent bulletin at the top of your profile page, so anyone who visits your profile can see it easily. Past bulletins (and any bulletins you comment on) are found on the Bulletins tab on the Discussions tab on your profile page.


-CENTRIC (suffix) An indication of the fact that the commenter finds the quiz in question to include too many questions about one specific topic or pertaining to a specific geographical region. Often said about quizzes that include many topics from American culture (“U.S.-centric”).

CLASSIC QUIZ One of the seven types of Sporcle quizzes, in which the quiz taker has to type the answers in a text box provided above the quiz, with no additional elements such as buttons, images or slideshows. It is the original quiz type on Sporcle, hence the name.

CLICKABLE QUIZ One of the seven types of Sporcle quizzes, which presents the quiz taker with several buttons that contain answers (and sometimes decoys), which when clicked, register correct answers. There are two key types of clickable quizzes: quizzes with hints and quizzes without hints. During clickable quizzes with hints, the player must click on an answer button corresponding to the hint above, whereas during clickable quizzes without hints, one can click answers in any order. No typing is required.

COMMENT HELP The help box at the bottom of the comment section that provides formatting help for comments. Currently includes the ability to bold and italicize text, to place text into a bulleted list, to tag another user and to hyperlink text to another Sporcle URL.

CONTRIBUTED An unpublished created quiz that has been made “live” by its quiz maker so that it is playable by other users and for which the statistics of those plays are recorded. Can be contributed publicly or privately. Colloquially can include a quiz maker’s quizzes that have been published, but the two concepts are generally considered distinct; a quiz that is chosen for publication is no longer termed “contributed”, and the two terms have separate tabs on a user’s list of created quizzes.

CURATOR A volunteer user who oversees quizzes in a certain subcategory and picks quality quizzes to appear on the subcategory’s home page. The current list of curators can be found here:


DAILY DOSE The daily collection of short quizzes with a fixed formula. Currently, the Daily Dose exists of the Word Ladder (quiz where all answers differ by only one letter from the previous answer), Missing Word (quiz where the quiz taker has to fill in the blanks), Quick Pick (short clickable quiz with few answers) and On This Day (quiz with seven questions about historical facts that happened on the date of publication). Other quiz types that were once part of the Daily Dose include Mixed Word (quiz with jumbled words that have to be unscrambled) and the Minute Morsel (excerpt of a quiz that was published previously).


EDITOR A user who oversees quizzes in a certain category and picks quality quizzes to appear on the category’s home page. The current list of editors can be found here:


FIND THE STAR (also referred to as FTS) A popular group in which you try to win as many games as possible by guessing the location closest to the ‘star’ in each 24-hour game. If you win, you get to host the next game.

FRIENDS Two Sporclers who follow each other. Friends may send each other challenges, and can view each other’s stats on quizzes. You can also receive notifications about what your friend is doing on Sporcle e.g. quizzes released, playlists created, playlists updated, bulletins posted, depending on your notifications settings.


GAME NOTE (Referred to as HOW TO PLAY on the quiz page) A further description to the QUIZ TITLE and QUIZ QUESTION to explain a quiz, and any notes to the player on how to start/proceed playing a quiz, and things to watch out for. A place where helpful hints are offered for game play.


GLOBES Icons used to indicate the quality of any quiz on a scale from one to five, based on the Sporcle logo which is also a globe.

GROUPS Sporcle’s very own interactive forum, with a variety of discussions, known as TOPICS, where all Sporcle users with an account can share ideas, thoughts, suggestions with other users. Each group has a brief description below its title, sometimes including group rules which you should follow. You can subscribe to groups (which will then appear in “YOUR GROUPS” on the dropdown of the GROUPS tab) to keep up to date with new discussions. You probably know what they are since you made it here… This group is called GENERAL DISCUSSION, and its TOPIC is SPORC-TIONARY. Some groups are hosted by staff only and provide Sporcle news updates, some groups are private, and most groups are public groups where anyone can create their own topic and comment on any topic within the group.


KYRGYZSTAN Country in Central Asia, which became very popular in Sporcle due to the difficulty of spelling it.


MAP QUIZ One of the (currently) seven types of Sporcle quizzes, which presents the quiz taker an image with answers that must be typed in to appear overtop the image. Often a source of confusion, as map-type quizzes do not necessarily feature actual maps as their image, nor are all quizzes that feature maps designated as map-type quizzes. Contrast with Picture Click.

MINEFIELD A quiz that ends upon the entry of an incorrect answer.

MINEFIELD, UNNECESSARY See Unnecessary Minefield


PICTURE CLICK QUIZ One of the (currently) seven types of Sporcle quizzes, which presents the quiz taker an image that must be clicked in predetermined locations to register correct answers. Sometimes a source of confusion, as many picture click-type quizzes feature map images, but are not considered to be of the map type, which is a separate quiz type in its own right. Contrast with Map Quiz above.

PUBLISHED A quiz that has been selected to appear on the front page of the site and has been verified accurate by Sporcle staffers. Once published, a quiz becomes the responsibility of the site’s administrators and can no longer be edited by the quiz maker. Selection for publication is based on a wide range of subjective critera. Roughly 8 or 9 quizzes a published to the front page every day.


QUIZ LAB The main location for finding unpublished quizzes to play. Located at Features six displayed subsections: Recent, Popular Today, Quizzes to Consider, Popular Last 7 Days, Editor Picks and Curator Picks, and shows the most recent 15 quizzes that qualify for each section. Defaults to show all categories, but can be filtered by category or subcategory. Each subsection can be clicked to access a longer, paginated list of recent qualifying quizzes.

QUIZ MAKER The person who creates and contributes a given quiz, and who is responsible for all facets of that quiz unless the quiz is published, in which case Sporcle administrators assume primary responsibility.

QUIZ QUESTION The question in large black bold font that is located near the top of each quiz giving the quiz taker their goal for the quiz. Is generally an expansion of the quiz title into a complete thought, and occasionally is presented in the form of an imperitive statement (“Name the …”) instead of the default question (“Can you name the …”) In the game creation dashboard is called “Description”. Defaults to “Can you name the [QUIZ TITLE] …” if not overwritten by the quiz maker.

QUIZ TITLE The “name” of the quiz as it appears in most locations on the site, usually just a few words that summarize the core concept of the quiz. In the quiz creation dashboard is called “Game Name”. Appears at the top of each quiz in small, all-caps font next to the quiz’ category, just above the quiz question. It is distinct from the quiz question.

QUIZMASTER SCORE A score given to a user based on quiz contributions. The higher the score, the greater the participation the user has had in the Sporcle community. The score is based on a number of factors including (but not limited to): the number of quizzes created since the public launch of Sporcle’s quiz creation tools, number of times those quizzes have been played, the rating attributed to quizzes by other users, and the number of times quizzes have been favorited. The score can fluctuate up and down each day as quizzes are created, played, rated, and favorited. Click here to see a leaderboard of the top 100 users.


SPORCLE CONVENTION A generally accepted set of standards for a given data set across all published quizzes on the subject. There is often an expectation that contributed quizzes will also follow such standards, although there is no mechanism to require them to do so. Sometimes set formally but most often inferred from the oldest and most established verified quizzes on the subject. May pertain to an item’s inclusion in a data set (e.g., Entity X is or isn’t a country; Country Y is either in Europe or Asia) or to an item’s primary spelling or styling. Standards are neither comprehensive, universally accepted or necesssarily in line with external sources, but are inteded to give a consistent experience across published quizzes.

SPORCLE FREEBIE – when one valid answer to a quiz is made up of the first few letters of another valid answer so that, in entering the longer answer, a quizzer unexpectedly finds and scores the shorter answer, which he/she may not be aware is correct e.g. Uk(raine), Niger(ia), Dominica(n Republic) or Guinea(-Bissau).

SPORCLE ORANGE Premium service for paying Sporcle members, giving them perks that include (but are not limited to) the absence of ads and additional statistics.

SPORCLE, verb To do something on Sporcle, to spend time on Sporcle.

SPORCLENDIPITY – the experience of scoring a SPORCLE FREEBIE

SPORCLERS – Regular players of, and commentators on Sporcle quizzes,who know (or think they do) all the main SPORCLE CONVENTIONS

SPORCLITIS Tendency to guess hard answers and miss easy ones in a quiz, generally when you have a long experience on the site.

SPORCOMPLAINING – Repeated spurious complaints in the comments section of a quiz – made by people who haven’t read the earlier comments – about an issue that has already been aired and debunked, often several times for the same quiz! (e.g. Saying “England” should be an answer in “Countries ending in “-land”).

SPORCTIONARY A dictionary describing the various terms used on the quiz site, Sporcle. Includes quiz types, inside jokes and other such words. Used for reference.
Sporctionary, you say? Definitions? [rubs hands] If anybody makes a quiz out of this, just let me know. – ZYX, Definition Curator

SPORXPLANATION – An explanation of a SPORCLE CONVENTION that needs to be trotted out ad nauseam (e.g. that England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland are not separate countries in their own right, but component nations within the United Kingdom).


UNNECESSARY MINEFIELD A quiz that utilizes the minefield feature to trigger the end of the quiz upon a single wrong answer, but in a way that is done arbitrarily and possibly only in the interest of inflating the quiz’ play count by forcing quiz takers to repeat the quiz multiple times in order to achieve a high score. Highly subjective.