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Not For The Furious: 2 Fast 2 Blast

GOTCHA NOW you son of a badge. Seriously, almost had a heart attack on the last quiz required to get it. One false move and you’ve had it: take too long and you’ve had it. It’s a tricky blighter, but it’s … Continue reading

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Quiz of the Day: Categorise This

Subcategory Multiple Choice: Geography II The Quizmaker in question, a certain metakoopa99, is perhaps better known for being Curator for both NFL and Rock (Music), so it says a lot about their versatility when they get a Publish in a Category that bears … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Quizzes (19/02/17)

Hello! This will be the last daily quiz post as we know it: as of tomorrow, I’ll be shifting to a ‘Top Ten Sporcle Quizzes of the Week’ format, which will be less time-consuming. We’ll still give you the links … Continue reading

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