Quiz of the Day (13/03/17): 2 Fast 2 Speeding Tickets


Sure you did, Cher: suuuure you did.

If Movie Characters Got Traffic Tickets

Here’s a good rule of thumb when playing Sporcle quizzes: if it makes your roar with laughter, there’s a good chance it was made by Hejman. Last time he featured it was thanks to a wickedly funny backing bands Music quiz, this time it’s with a Movies quiz that I wouldn’t blame you for playing 100 times (especially as you can now earn a badge that way).

The hints are delightful and the mix of movies is excellent, but one is left thinking: what is it with movie characters and driving? If there was any justice in films a lot of them would have failed their driving test a fair few times over (though I can think of at least one movie where that does happen). Then again, in one of the movies that features, there’s a T-Rex running loose, so maybe good driving isn’t the top priority there.

Honourable mentions go to Pixar Shorts Picture Click by chaosBEE (another quiz to help you earn that new badge) and ASOIAF Minefield: Order of Death by theonbaejoy, a quiz so brutal that you either win or you die (it’s also their first Publish, woo)!

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Weekly Top Ten (w/c 06/03/17)


Sadly, they didn’t build THIS city on Rock and Roll…

Who’s going to have made top spot this week, you ask? Let’s find out…

10) Planetary Profile: Earth

Darzlat makes the top ten with their first ever Publish: it’s enjoyable and well-designed, but it’s more ‘short and sweet’ than Box-office.

9) Circled U.K. Cities

A well-designed quiz by Rackie that’s more challenging than you might expect, even for a U.K. national like myself. Those Northern Irish cities aren’t the easiest to memorise, y’know!

8) African Flag Maps

I could look at this quiz all day: there’s something striking about the design of a flag on the back drop of a country’s outline. Still wouldn’t do very well on a quiz like this, mind: why does Africa have so many countries with Guinea in its name? Whyyyyy…

The top seven were all reviewed throughout last week: click the links to get more of a feel for their appeal!

7) These People Are Quackers!

Are these some duckfaces I see before me? And why am I not surprised that they belong to famous people?

6) Is this ’bout plant life? Is this Biology?

It blinded me with science, your honour!

5) Team America Would Be Proud

“Matt. DAMON.”

4) Quoters of the World, Unite! 🌎

This quiz gets high Marx from the judges.

3) Lana Del Rey would approve

Just the bronze for bhenderson79 this time. This time…

2) Decadent Decades

Europe Curator kfastic comes mighty close with this mental decathlon of a quiz…

1) The Hangman Cometh

Nudging his way to the top and taking Gold is our Gaming Editor BillyJoelRulez with a quiz that’s entertaining, informative and not unduly challenging. Now let’s all go and have some hamantaschen…

Who’ll be the first quizmaker to feature in the next Weekly Top Ten? Stay tuned…

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Quiz of the Day: Lana Del Rey would approve


All right, who put these flowers on my head? It’s not funny you know…

Video Games Missing a Letter

You always had a feeling he’d break into the Weekly Top Ten somewhere down the line, and right at the death, here’s bhenderson79 with his latest masterpiece.

If you’re expecting another visual showstopper, however, you may be disappointed, as this is a clickable quiz: but what it lacks in aesthetics it more than makes up for in entertainment. The descriptions for each video game that seems to have lost a letter, particularly Gran Theft Auto, left me with a dilemma: should I try and finish the quiz, or just give in to hysterical laughter? Fortunately, the former prevailed, but it was a close-run thing.

Perhaps coincidentally, I had made a similar quiz without knowing about this one: the only difference being that my quiz involves changing a letter rather than missing one out. I may well go and flesh mine out a bit, as a Gaming Publish still eludes me: but I’ll have to go some to match the hilarity of Bill’s most recent triumph!

Honorable mentions must go to African Flag Maps by michaelgeorgebar for its stunning visuals and Which President Was Born First? by Rackie, who is on an excellent Publishing streak of late. It’s going to make choosing my Weekly Top Ten more challenging than a Minefield Quiz on Game of Thrones…

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Quiz of the Day (11/03/17): The Hangman Cometh


Starts with H, Ends with N

Wondering what’s so great about this quiz? Well have I got noose for you!

Having had my little gripe about a quiz he had Published earlier in the week, it seems only fair that I commend BillyJoelRulez (our esteemed Gaming Editor) for this Publish that is utterly flawless in its… execution, shall we say. Indeed, there can be no quibbles with the timer on this Language quiz, with a generous eight minutes given to the player. Have you ever made a cup of tea whilst playing a Sporcle quiz? Because you probably could with this one (as if the British need an excuse to make a cup of tea).

Moreover, there’s an excellent variety of vocabulary in here with some words that should be used more often in conversation and some words I’d never heard of. It was also reassuring to know that I was not playing an actual game of Hangman, as that would have raised the stakes to an alarming level. Few games increase the tension in a room quite like Hangman (with the obvious exception of Monopoly).

I’d also like to highlight Just the Blue: Sports Logos by former Geography Editor RobPro, mainly because a) I like Sports and b) I like the colour blue. Double the enjoyment for this Sporcler!

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Quiz of the Day (10/03/17): Is this ’bout plant life? Is this Biology?


The microscope’s been around for years: when will someone invent the macroscope, I wonder?

Biology Quiz (Multiple Choice)

Ah, Biology: a subject I discarded nearly twelve years ago. How fitting, then, that I got 12/20 on this quiz. Even the Multiple Choice element could not assist me in getting a higher score. (I also got a B in Biology, which at least shows that my spelling was on point, doesn’t it?)

Multiple Choice quizzes are a relatively new concept to Sporcle, but that’s not to say there aren’t many of them: I myself have somehow made 18 in the span of three months, so you get an idea of their increasing numbers. This is part of the reason why awesomeness365 should be pleased with this Publish, as I believe that the Sporcle Admin are only putting particularly good Multiple Choice quizzes on the Homepage at this moment in time. Indeed, this is only the fifth Multiple Choice quiz in the Science Category to be Published: though perhaps this latest Publish will inspire our Curator for Blitz to make similar quizzes for Physics and Chemistry. We shall see!

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My First Publish: DesertSpartan


This is the best game of Guess Who I’ve ever seen!

Welcome back to another installment of ‘My First Publish’!
This week we’re featuring Music Editor DesertSpartan, who’s had his quizzes featured on the homepage for quite some time now…

When did it happen?

My first publish occurred on October 14, 2013. The quiz was created on September 1, 2013, just over a year after I created my first quiz.

How did you come up with the idea?

The quiz was called “Name the Historical Figure Who…”, it was the first quiz in one of my first series. I honestly don’t remember how I came up with the idea, but it was very ambitious for me. It was my first ever History quiz, although my created quizzes shows one with an earlier creation date, that quiz was a subsequently reworked quiz from a different category. For some reason, I have always felt that History and Science quizzes should be personally held to a higher standard than the other categories.

How long did it take to make, and did you expect it to be published?

This was one of the quizzes I spent the most time on. I spent several hours creating the quiz and then released it. At the time I had just one prior EP and one CP and had just started to communicate with other quiz creators. ‘needapausebutton‘ (current Editor for History) sent me an e-mail about the quiz and asked me to do some things to improve the quiz’s play and experience. I spent several hours over the next week improving the quiz and needapausebutton spent more time helping me than I have spent on over 90% of my quizzes. I thought it was one of my best quizzes and because of the help, I expected it to do well, although I never expected to ever be published.

Where were you when you found out it was Published?

I was at work and received the e-mail telling me the quiz was published. It was an incredible feeling and validation.

Any advice for would-be Quizmasters?

The greatest thing that I ever did was start collaborating with others. After that quiz, I spent about two months building relationships with other Sporclers and getting help on my quizzes. What I learned was invaluable. On occasion I ask others for help, but I spend a lot of time helping others. I am amazed that quiz creators much better than myself have asked me for help. When my first published quiz became an Editor’s Pick, I was very excited. The quiz quickly became my most played quiz and had a great rating. Surprisingly, needapausebutton was disappointed in the quizzes performance. He really seemed to take things personally. I found that strange until I started helping others. Since then I have become more concerned about some quizzes that I have help others with than either the creators are or I am with my own quizzes. That is one reason that I love facilitating Sporcle contests. I constantly receive thanks for inspiring others to design special quizzes and push themselves.

Thanks to DesertSpartan for agreeing to the interview as well as some fascinating insights on how to improve a Quiz: I can certainly recommend collaborating on quizzes, two heads are better than one after all!

Join us next week as I hope to pick the brains of Tr4pD00r as to how he got his First Publish…

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Quick Update: These Trainers Are Made For Running 🏃

Hello fellow Sporclers,

You will have noticed a distinct lack of Blog posts from me today, and for that I offer explanation: I am running a half-marathon in Bath tomorrow for the Stroke Association and have therefore spent most of today travelling and/or preparing.

But fear not, I will still be reviewing both yesterday’s and today’s quizzes and I can promise you another instalment of ‘My First Publish!, courtesy of Music Editor DesertSpartan, which will be well worth the wait.

You may have also noticed that I’m not making as many quizzes this month: this is not because I don’t enjoy doing so, but simply because I have made a LOT of quizzes in a very short time and thus thought it best to slow down a little. I’ve enjoyed playing more of other people’s quizzes for a change (particularly the NHL ones) and it’s giving me more time to think of better ideas.

See you tomorrow, when my fingers will hopefully be less tired than my legs…👟

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