People who have earned Crazy Ivan multiple times

The craziest Ivans of them all are not satisfied getting a publish in every category. No, they must get one in every category MULTIPLE TIMES. I mean, let’s be honest, sproutcm should probably be put in a loony bin because he has acquired the Crazy Elivan.

No. of Ivans User Least Published Category(s)
11 sproutcm Holiday
10 Hejman Gaming, Holiday, Religion
9 bhenderson79 Holiday, Religion
8 LTH Gaming, Holiday
7 Flick Holiday
6 El_Dandy Holiday
6 Derek Holiday
4 citkeane Religion
4 Matt Just For Fun
3 teedslaststand Entertainment
2 slipkid Religion
2 Spacemaniac Holiday
2 metashades Sports
2 timmylemoine1 Religion
2 Purple_Parrot Religion, Sports
2 needapausebutton Religion, Gaming, Science
2 BillyJoelRulez Holiday, Television, Sports
2 kfastic Religion, Holiday, Gaming

Now, try the quiz!


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