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So, yeah, Trifecta Talk took a bit of a break.  After all, Casey’s life gets busy and all that jazz.  But we are back, and better than ever.  Today, we have an interview by our new Sports editor, former Music editor and avid fan of a certain Michigan school: DesertSpartan!  A great quizmaker, in addition to his editing skills, DesertSpartan served as a major inspiration for me as well as many others.

When did you first start quiz making and how long did it take you to earn the Big Three?
I made my first two quizzes on August 29, 2012. I completed the Big Three almost 5 years later on June 7, 2017.

What was your first ever pick and what was your reaction? What about your first publish?
After I created my first quiz, each morning I would go to my dashboard to see how many plays my quizzes were at. On September 4, 2012 I created a quiz called “Shakespeare Really?” Just For Fun Editor, druhutch, left a comment on the and garnered around 100 plays and I believe was always at the top. On October 23, 2012 I created my thirteenth quiz. That quiz is titled “It’s Golden”. When I went to check my quizzes on October 24, I could not find that quiz. The reason was that it was already at the top of the list. The same druhutch had made it an Editor’s Pick. I was amazed, elated and just knew I had arrived. At that time an Editor’s Pick garnered over 1,000 plays in the first few hours and the quiz received about 3,000 plays in the first few days. Since I have been an Editor, I always honor three quiz creators with their first pick on the anniversary of that date. Several other Editor’s also honor that day. I did not receive another CP or EP for almost a year.

In August of 2013, I started collaborating with others on Sporcle, I received a tremendous gift of help from sproutcm on my first CP and others helped me on quizzes. In October I created a quiz that was my most time consuming quiz. It was good, but needapausebutton, gave me some help and it became a lot better. He gave me my second EP and it was my first publish on October 14, 2013. It is one of my all-time favorite quizzes and the feeling of a first publish was incredible, but each pick and publish are incredible.

What category did you struggle with the most? Which one was the easiest?
I believed that Sports would be my easiest category and Gaming or Science my hardest. Sports have not been very fruitful for me. Meanwhile Miscellaneous is very easy for me and I have had tremendous success. I also have had a lot of success with Music, Television and Just For Fun. A surprise has been Language. Initially I struggled, but the category has been very successful for me and I love it. Meanwhile, Gaming is almost impossible for me and I also struggle with Religion and Science.

Who helped you, or inspired you, the most to earn these badges?
I have already named a few people and there are too many great people to name them all.

Did you actively try to earn any of the badges? If so, when and why did you start?
I thought that Crazy Ivan was unattainable right up to the day I earned it. A lot of the Dean’s List occurred in the two months prior to my earning it and I can’t remember how much I thought about it. I was one of eight to instantly earn the Honor Roll, so I had no opportunity to seek it. That was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me on Sporcle. It was embarrassing because most of my idols, far superior quiz creators, did not earn until after I did.

I have mixed feelings about badges in general. I have earned 588, so obviously I have tried for many, but a lot have come organically and I have made no attempt to earn many.

What is the most rewarding part of making quizzes?
Several things are rewarding about creating quizzes, but best thing is when someone lets me know they enjoyed my quiz. Surprisingly, I often find 1 globe ratings highly rewarding. I know that sounds crazy. I hate it when I get a 1 or 2 globe rating and I know it is my fault because the quiz is flawed. On the other hand, I love it when a quiz gets several 4 and 5 globe ratings and also multiple 1 globe ratings. The reason is that I know the quiz was either hard and people hated their low score or clever and some did not get it. Creating hard and/or clever quizzes is a good thing.

Which of your published quizzes are you the proudest of?
I would have to say my first publish, but I am very proud of nearly all of them.

Any advice for would-be badge earners/quizmakers?
Seek help from others and have fun!

Thanks for talking so trifectaly (?), DesertSpartan!  Back when I gave this interview (whoops…), DesertSpartan wasn’t Sports editor.  I find it funny that he mentioned that it has been unfruitful for him.  Or maybe I am just delirious, who knows?  All I know is that his quizmaking prowess and curating and editing past makes DesertSpartan worthy of the Big Three and the new position alike.

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