Seven Comments, Seven Days (10/15)

You can truly find anything across Sporcle’s discussion platforms. Quiz comments, Groups and Bulletins are all home to some of the greatest comments on the internet. Each week, we will select seven comments from across Sporcle that will (hopefully!) brighten up your Monday.

Topic: Study Hall Badge
queenshaniqua: “The Study Hall badge should be renamed The Unemployed Badge.”

Quiz: ‘W’ in Geography
Happ_Hazzard: “There is no state shown, just a white rectangle. Please Cheyennge this.”

Quiz: Miscellaneous Anagrams
Brendinater: “Clasher is such a cooler name than Charles.”

Quiz: Nahuatl Words You Probably Know
podpod: “I would call this quiz ’17 Nahuatl words you probably know and 3 that you have a 33% chance at guessing correctly’.”

Quiz: Presidents by Ending 4 to 1
dancastro: “Monroe, Pierce, Coolidge… I’d like to fill more boxes, but I don’t remember the fourth president ending in ‘e’.”

Quiz: Famous Native Americans
gingersnap: “I celebrated Columbus Day by walking into someone’s house and telling them I live there now.

It didn’t go over as well as it did in 1492.”

Quiz: Avoid the Antagonists
rwoodard: “I don’t care what any of you say – Dora’s an antagonist to many of us with kids of a certain age.”

Thanks for reading! If you catch a funny or interesting comment anywhere on Sporcle, please message caseyw690 onsite. Until next week, sayonara.


About caseyw690

Asia curator, Population curator and Mythology curator on Sporcle. Giant nerd everywhere. Yes, saying you are Population curator on Sporcle is an effective argument and no, I don't sign autographs.
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