Seven Comments, Seven Days (10/8)

You can truly find anything across Sporcle’s discussion platforms. Quiz comments, Groups and Bulletins are all home to some of the greatest comments on the internet. Each week, we will select seven comments from across Sporcle that will (hopefully!) brighten up your Monday.

Quiz: Clickable Mammals (Redux)
podpod: “I think it goes Zubat –> Golbat –> Numbat?”

Quiz: European Capitals by First and Last Letters
McNeal: “Surprised you left off Italy’s capital.”

Quiz: US Presidents Playing Sports
bigpond1966: “Enjoyed!!! Clinton says ‘George Clinton’ lol….a little funky archery”

Quiz: Stop, Collaborate and Listen
hhwhat: “I thought it was ‘stop, collaborate and listen.'”

Quiz: Scrambled City Sets
brimtown: “UBERMELON and NEARCRAB would make great city names. And I was really hoping there was a GOLD TACOS in Australia.”

Quiz: Missing Alphabet: Video Games
BigBadBlue458: “Ocarina of Tim – Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail gives a young adventurer the power of music to brave the Cave of Caerbannog to best the Killer Rabbit and slay the Legendary Black Beast of Arrrghhh.”

Quiz: Middle Members!
Eskimoed: “The pretty colors distracted me from the ticking clock. 5 Globes!”

Thanks for reading! If you catch a funny or interesting comment anywhere on Sporcle, please message caseyw690 onsite. Until next week, sayonara.

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