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TGIF to everyone who may be reading this, welcome to Trifecta Talk number 13! While it’s stated that 13 is an unlucky number, our interviewee of today more than makes up for it. Site moderator, former editor and ambiguously acronymed user LTH is the subject of today’s Trifecta Talk!

When did you first start quiz making and how long did it take you to earn the Big Three?
I’ve never forgotten the date that I first started making quizzes because it was the day the Quiz Lab was first launched: September 23, 2009. Back then it had the unfortunate title of “User Contributed Section”. Really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? That was a very happy day for me because I had been wanting to make quizzes on the site for some time and now I could do so to my heart’s content… well, up to the 7 quiz per month limit anyway :)

I earned the Big Three badges in reverse because my time on the site predates badges, and curator’s picks and even curators for that matter. So the last badge I earned was the Honor Roll and I got it on October 20, 2015.

What was your first ever pick and what was your reaction? What about your first publish?
I honestly don’t remember my first editor’s pick. However, I certainly remember my first publish. It was called Actor Movie Chain II and it’s a dreadful quiz. Still my lowest rated published quiz so it was all uphill from there! I’ve been published many times over the years but I can still say it is quite a thrill every time I get that email.

What category did you struggle with the most? Which one was the easiest?
Gaming was a tough one and still is. It always helps when you come up with a quiz idea that can transcend the categories. For instance, I got a lot of mileage out of this series in the early days.  Movies has always been my easiest category, hence all the content I’ve poured into that category over the years.

Who helped you, or inspired you, the most to earn these badges?
The people who helped me most were the folks at HQ who published my games, and then the editors and curators who enjoyed playing my quizzes. It really takes a community to earn the Big Three.

Did you actively try to earn any of the badges? If so, when and why did you start?
I do recall early on setting out to get a publish in every category even before Crazy Ivan was a thing. It took me 15 months to get there. Fun fact: Hejman and I got our Crazy Ivans on the same day. If you don’t count HQ, we were the 2nd and 3rd users to get the Ivan behind Ben. If you don’t know who Ben is, you need to visit his profile.

What is the most rewarding part of making quizzes?
Oh, where to begin. I get a lot of enrichment from the quiz creation process itself. If no one played my quizzes, I would still make quizzes for myself. But to be able to create something educational, creative but most of all fun and to have others enjoy that creation is incredibly rewarding. And to have others join in on that process either as collaborators or inspirers makes it even better. So I find all of it rewarding.

Which of your published quizzes are you the proudest of?
This is like asking me to choose my favorite child. Well, I suppose I will go with this one. As some of your readers may know, I am a Disney enthusiast and at the time I had just returned from Disneyland with a suitcase full of quiz ideas. One of them was this slideshow and it was a ton of fun finding all the famous people that had visited the park over the decades.  Ask me the same question tomorrow, and I’d probably give you a different answer.

Any advice for would-be badge earners/quizmakers?
Don’t do it unless you enjoy it.

Thanks for the interview LTH (and if you’re reading this, care to tell us your favorite published quiz of today?)!  The great thing about users that have been around since the beginning of the “User Contributed Section” (and I count myself lucky to be able to interview them!) is that they always provide such interesting stories and insights into the development of the site :-)


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