Seven Comments, Seven Days (9/24)

You can truly find anything across Sporcle’s discussion platforms. Quiz comments, Groups and Bulletins are all home to some of the greatest comments on the internet. Each week, we will select seven comments from across Sporcle that will (hopefully!) brighten up your Monday.

Quiz: Incomplete Fast Food Chains
BetterThanKate: “I want to go to all of the alternatives. Pancake Hut sounds awesome. Dunkin’ Donkeys? Yes. Panda Evolution would be an immersive dining adventure. Pita Prison? Eh…maybe I’ll skip that one.”

Quiz: The ‘Centenary Clock’
murglurk: “Okay, but what’s the middle one?”

Quiz: First Name Frenzy!
zalkon2004: “As opposed to serial killer Al Bundy who took a job in a shoe store as a way of selecting victims. He knew exactly which pair each had tried on….”

Quiz: Around the Perimeter of Brazil
DarkPhalanx: “As I tell my students, remember Every Creepy Van Goes Super Fast: Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana!”
crazydiamond1to9: “Don’t most creepy vans go super slow though?”

Quiz: Words Within Words ‘H’ Blitz
monstercyclops: “I missed hanger. For some reason, I was thinking the noun version of hangry, instead of hanger, which is a thing I use all the time.”

Quiz: European Car Manufacturer
mountainrev: “I own a Saab 92x. It was manufactured in Japan by Subaru, which was partly owned by GM at the time, who also owned Saab until its demise. So is my Saab European, Japanese, or American?”
buckyjamesdio: “@mountainrev – that would be ‘yes.'”

Quiz: Anything but English Counties
GwynE: “If you can’t pronounce it then it is probably safe to click it.”
andyd68: “GwynE – I’m not sure that rule holds. I’ve heard Americans try to pronounce Leicestershire!”

Thanks for reading! If you catch a funny or interesting comment anywhere on Sporcle, please message caseyw690 onsite. Until next week, sayonara.

About caseyw690

Asia curator, Population curator and Mythology curator on Sporcle. Giant nerd everywhere. Yes, saying you are Population curator on Sporcle is an effective argument and no, I don't sign autographs.
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