Seven Comments, Seven Days (9/17)

You can truly find anything across Sporcle’s discussion platforms. Quiz comments, Groups and Bulletins are all home to some of the greatest comments on the internet. Each week, we will select seven comments from across Sporcle that will (hopefully!) brighten up your Monday.

Quiz: Books Cut Off at M
Djibouti: “I’m somewhat surprised there isn’t a book titled Everything is Illuminati”

Quiz: 6 to 1: United States
PerfumedPonce: “Surprised Jellystone not in the top 5 [national parks].”
InsertCleverName: “@PerfumedPonce: It’s because the wildlife in the park is just too intelligent. Freaks people out, and makes them lose their picnic baskets.”

Quiz: Draw A Pixel Picture XII
elzasezra: “‘Pixel’ – the latest addition to santa’s reindeers”

Quiz: Queen’s Vocabulary
chevand: “I was so relieved when I started the quiz and saw the actual word list. Before starting, I was expecting to have to pick the definitions for ‘scaramouche’, ‘fandango’, and ‘bismillah’.”

Quiz: Anyone but Lyndon B. Johnson
robertfoiz: “Is it bad that I forgot Trump was a president?”
Tommy_C: “@robertfoiz Ignorance is bliss”

Quiz: Sea Idioms
nemuremasen: “Has anyone tried shooting fish in general? Like, has any fisherman gotten to sea and said, ‘Ah geez, forgot my fishing gear. Guess I’ll just use this gun I have lying around instead…'”

Quiz: Obscure Knowledge – Countries of South America
brystmar: “Suriname: The country non-Sporclers swear is in Africa.”

Thanks for reading! If you catch a funny or interesting comment anywhere on Sporcle, please message caseyw690 onsite. Until next week, sayonara.


About caseyw690

Asia curator, Population curator and Mythology curator on Sporcle. Giant nerd everywhere. Yes, saying you are Population curator on Sporcle is an effective argument and no, I don't sign autographs.
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