Trifecta Talk: MoMosMoProblems


A pretty tame profile picture for such a gangsta name. (Although this isn’t the exact one, mind)

Now, who’s hot, who not?  Well, this week, the hot subject is a particular Trifecta Talk for a Notoriously B.I.G. Sporcler and former Biography curator: MoMosMoProblems!   Although this is more of an Autobiography, really, let’s dive right in:

When did you first start quiz making and how long did it take you to earn the Big Three?

I created my first quiz in August 2014, and it took me a couple of years to achieve the Honor Roll in December 2016. Honestly, that one got kind of overshadowed by the huge surprise of the MoMosMoBadges badge being released later that month. And eight months after that, Dean’s List and Crazy Ivan both came within a week of each other. That was a very, very good few months on Sporcle for me.

What was your first ever pick and what was your reaction? What about your first publish?

My first pick was a CP for How I Met Your Mother on this quiz. I had contributed my first quiz just four months earlier, thinking it would immediately get picked and published and showered with attention. I quickly realized that I was only one of many contributing quiz makers vying for that attention. After the initial disappointment, I kept making quizzes because it was so much fun, and even just the few plays I was getting felt very rewarding, but when I got that pick, I finally started feeling like maybe I was doing something right and not just taking shots in the dark at random. My first publish came six months after that, and I was forewarned because I had noticed some changes had been made to it, and I had to ask khands, the editor, to fix a typo for me because I couldn’t do it myself any longer. So I spent a few days walking on air until the publish actually happened. If you had been walking past my house that day, you might have seen me through a window jumping up and down in joy like a maniac.

What category did you struggle with the most? Which one was the easiest?

I still struggle with Gaming a lot. I have one EP, one CP, and one publish in the category, and I would love to prove to myself that I am not a one-trick pony when it comes to the category. But for whatever reason (well, some of my Gaming quizzes aren’t that great, to begin with, and I haven’t made that many), I haven’t been able to crack those nuts again. Other than sports, I haven’t found the other categories to be much of a struggle, probably because I can always find some aspects of them that I really enjoy (and I like games! What am I doing wrong?!)

Who helped you, or inspired you, the most to earn these badges?

Finding the old Sporcle University in Google groups once upon a time was huge for me. I found that, on top of making quizzes just being plain fun, you could also count on this group of tremendously supportive people to provide feedback and offer constructive criticism and encouragement. So many awesome Sporclers that I still look up to and who have helped me along the way. But of course one must be mentioned above all, and that is needapausebutton, who left an encouraging comment on my first quiz, thus giving me a bit of extra incentive to keep at it, and who over time became a true mentor to me, like he has been to so many others, dedicating tons of time and effort to helping me improve my quizzes and making sure that I was able to do the same for others. If Sporcle HQ isn’t already graced with a statue of a cat sitting on a pause button, then they really need to get on that. And on the base, they should engrave the quasi-Churchill quote “Never was so much owed by so many to so few (i.e., this one)”.

Did you actively try to earn any of the badges? If so, when and why did you start?

Oh, yes. I don’t chase a lot of badges, but I wanted all the quiz making ones! So much so, that when I was chasing that elusive Sports pick, I created this meme for the Back to Sporcle Week meme competition.

What is the most rewarding part of making quizzes?

I really enjoy working out the puzzle that is making a quiz, from coming up with the idea to figuring out what the best format and combination of questions is, but the biggest reward is when people let me know that they enjoy them. It’s always so nice to hear.

Which of your published quizzes are you the proudest of?

Oh no, don’t ask me to choose which of my babies I like the best! I am proud of all of them! For some reason, though, this one keeps coming to mind, just because it was really interesting to put together, and I learned about a lot of different things as I tried to come up with questions and answers.

Any advice for would-be badge earners/quizmakers?

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, because there is no point in doing it if it’s a chore. Help others, because they will help you in turn, and because that sense of positivity and community is part of what makes Sporcle so special. Give everything a try, and participate in the contests, quiz challenges, and secret santas, and learn to love that feeling of having your brain stretch like a rubber band in all directions :-)

Thanks again for the interview!  I do believe that that meme is something any quizmaker (or even player, I’ve played way more Sports quizzes than I ever thought I would) can relate to, just for some of us it is Geography, Science, Just For Fun, Religion, et cetera.  Alas, I guess that’s part of the purpose of Sporcle, to teach us about things we don’t know :-)


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