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The Art of Curating is a continuation of the Curator Knows Best blog series on the Sporcle Blog. The series features opinions, top-notch quizzes and quizmakers, bits of trivia, and even a joke at the end from Sporcle’s great curators.14EC1B73-C83E-4FB4-96EF-1612739F5737

This week, we feature Viktrodriguez, curator of Continent.

How did you first get involved with Sporcle?
I am not sure how exactly I came on Sporcle for the first time. I think I was Googling on cycling quizzes, when I stumbled upon this site. After at least several months of anonymous quizzing I decided to create an account in October 2014, to keep track of my scores and playing history. The rest is history as they like to say.

Why did you decide to be a curator for your subcategory?
I had gained a fair amount of quizmaster experience since I registered my account on Sporcle, that on a certain time I was thinking about helping other quiz contributors and the community in general via a curatorship. For several months I was watching for the right subcategory, when Continent came free. After a short time of thinking about it, I decided to apply for the position. Geography has always been one of my favourite subjects and the concept of continents fascinates a lot. I was the chosen one, despite all the competition, and am doing my best to do my job as good as possible.

What’s your favourite trivia fact having to do with you subcategory?
Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America are five continents from a geopolitical perspective, but in fact their mainland consists of only two: Afro-Eurasia & the America’s.

What are some of your favourite published quizzes from your subcategory?
Clickable Countries by Continent may look easier than it actually is. Very challenging, but not impossible.
Countries of Antarctica is maybe a bit witty, but nonetheless fun to play.

What are some of your favourite contributed quizzes from your subcategory?
I really enjoyed Real or Fake: Antarctica  & Films Set in Antarctica. Antarctica is a gorgeous, but forgotten continent due to its remote location and lack of permanent population.

What are your favourite quizzes from an entirely different category?
Next to being very interested in Geography, I also enjoy Sports a lot, particularly the noble sport of cycling. I know I am in a minority on Sporcle looking at the amount of plays and quizzes under that tag, but I really enjoyed Tour de France Winners, Vuelta a España Winners and Giro D’Italia Winners. I am very happy to see they are featured in their own badge now. Type, Draw, Paint: The Simpsons is maybe not the most challenging one on Sporcle, probably not even an actual quiz, but it’s execution is great.

Which Sporcle Group do you frequent most often?
I am fairly active across the whole forum, but generally visit General Discussion, Off-Topic, Sports, (of course) Geography Talk and any other topic interesting me.

How can Sporclers in your subcategory best contact you?
Just an ordinary private message via Sporcle is sufficient.

Are there any Sporclers whose quizzes you think merit more attention than they get?
There are a lot of contributors whose quizzes I enjoy, of whom many already get quite some recognition for their work. Amongst the people who could use a little more love for their contributions are evanmurph, KingPhoebus and dpb1999.

Haiku or favourite Dad Joke (or both):
I love Dad jokes, I will give you a few:

What is the favourite food of hip hop artists? Wraps
Juneau what the capital of Alaska is?
The favourite movie of drugs addicts? Speed

Thanks to Viktrodriguez for the interview!
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