Seven Comments, Seven Days (8/20)


You can truly find anything across Sporcle’s discussion platforms.  Quiz comments, Groups and Bulletins are all home to some of the greatest comments on the internet.  Each week, we will select seven comments from across Sporcle that will (hopefully!) brighten up your Monday.

Quiz: Hand-Drawn History IX
Catfishbunter: “You mean it wasn’t Tupac Shakur who led the rebellion against the Spanish in Peru? But I thought he always believes in Changes?”

Topic: Forgetting to change the URL
RaysRule2010: “My “Missing Word: Best Sellers” quiz somehow ended up with this url:”
mikenew: “@RaysRule2010 Well, as the old saying goes, “You can’t spell ‘beste cellurs’ without Bruce Lee!”

Quiz: 4 to 13 Letter ‘J’ Places
fredact: “Very surprised at the low ranking for Alaska’s capital.”
Viktrodriguez: “@fredact Don’t Juneau why?”

Quiz: Krispy Kreme Doughnut Picture Klick
nspyred: “I gained 2 pounds just taking this quiz.”

Quiz: Shared Movie Numbers
JalPhoenix: “I am Number 23,375! Wait, no, that’s me at the DMV.”

Quiz: 10 Closest Capitals to Buenos Aires
RyanUR: “Sorry, Caracas.”

Quiz: Movies: Take a Seat! aka Robert Downey Jr: An Opus
ghcgh: “Gotta lotta RDJ films in this quiz.”
Amy_Rey: “Can never have too much Downey.”
Figment: “Too RDJ centric. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist!) Good quiz; I enjoyed it. :)”
Ladybug10: “Just had to mention it…so much RDJ love in this quiz xD”
MajorThankYou12: “I was going to comment about all the Robert Downey Jr here, but now I see that would be redundant.”
**This goes on for some time**

Thanks for reading!  If you catch a funny or interesting comment anywhere on Sporcle, please message caseyw690 onsite.  Until next week, sayonara.


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Asia curator, Population curator and Mythology curator on Sporcle. Giant nerd everywhere. Yes, saying you are Population curator on Sporcle is an effective argument and no, I don't sign autographs.
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