What do I get out of quiz-making?

Being just a little too old to have grown up with a computer in the house, I’ve never written a blog about anything before, so when I was asked to join the Sporcleverse team, I obviously leapt in head-first without, I must confess, much idea of what I might do (actually, I did have one idea, which was then comprehensively gazumped by HappyWife‘s wonderful entry, covering pretty much everything I had thought to raise before I had a chance to put pen to paper).

Anyway, I did what I usually do in such situations, which is consult my muse and oracle (otherwise known as Mrs Pecheneg) who ably advised putting something together about my sources of inspiration. As a good proportion of my published quizzes (and an even larger percentage of successful concepts) are originally derived, in whole or in part, from her ideas, this seemed like a fair enough proposal…

However, providence intervened over the week-end, in the form of a timely reminder of exactly why I enjoy making quizzes so much, so what was originally slated to be a generic piece has taken a turn for the specific, since the happy event has now come to fruition.

On Friday, I was messaged by my friend guilherme_4 with a request to consider featuring a certain entry as the next released quiz in one of my series. Nothing all that unusual there. I get quite a few such requests each month and it is one of the generic sources of inspiration referred to above. For me, while picks and publishes are always great, as is a high number of plays, nothing beats a kind word from someone from somewhere like the Maldives or Lebanon, well off the beaten Sporcle-track (or in this case Brazil, not quite so off-track, but not exactly over-represented either), delighted to have found a fun quiz to play about their home country. As it happens, guilherme_4 had already requested a specific quiz (in the same series) that he would enjoy himself a couple of months back. What has made this a unique and especially rewarding experience for me is that this new request was for the benefit of a third party.

And so I made the quiz, guilherme_4 checked it over for errors, and today Parrot1993, who is a big fan of Buenos Aires football club Huracán, and a good friend of guilherme_4, got an unexpected birthday present, which he loved.

And the moral of the story is: plays, picks & publishes aren’t the be-all and end-all of quiz-making. Sure that is easy for me to say, as I do have a decent number of all three, but what keeps me motivated is knowing when I’ve really made someone’s day. To that end, I’d like to close with a plea reminding Sporclers to use the tools we have (favourites, comments, etc) to let fellow creators know when they’ve hit the sweet spot with their work. There are so many amazing quiz-makers here who deserve to have their contributions recognised, even if it’s not necessarily via one of the three ‘P’s. Spread the love, Sporclers of the world!

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  1. Rock on, @mrpecheneg! Lovely points beautifully captured. You’ve already got this blog thing down pat. — The Gazumper

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