Trifecta Talk: alinrotundu


What do you think he’s questioning?  One may never know, I guess.

Hello everyone, welcome back to another edition of Trifecta Talk.  Today, we feature the most recent recipient of the Big Three badges, tennis curator and presumably the reason Romania has so many views on this site: alinrotundu!  I’d love to serve you up an interview, so let’s net waste any more time.

When did you first start quiz making and how long did it take you to earn the Big Three?

My first created quiz was on Oct 18, 2015 and I’ve got the Trifecta when I received the Crazy Ivan on May 7, 2018. So less than 3 years after I started to get a grip on quiz making.

What was your first ever pick and what was your reaction? What about your first publish?

My first curator pick, editor pick and publish came for this quiz.  My reaction when I got the first pick was strange if I’m thinking about it right now. I didn’t know what a curator/editor pick or publish means and when I read the notification with the first curator pick I was happy and started to refresh the first page to see where my quiz is. Of course I didn’t find anything there and gave up. Few days later, when I got the editor pick I was confused. I figured out that my quiz can’t get “published” twice and started to read the groups to find out what those picks means. Much later, when I got the first publish I was so happy that I remember that I did nothing at work that day. I was at work when I saw the notification and all I did that day was to refresh the quiz page and be amazed by how fast the plays on my quiz are growing.

What category did you struggle with the most? Which one was the easiest?

I’m not a native English speaker and kind of it’s obvious that Language was the hardest category to crack. As for the easiest, for sure is the Geography.

Who (or what) helped you, or inspired you, the most to earn these badges?

It’s hard to say. I like the idea of badges and since when I started on Sporcle I wanted to get them all. But to get the badges which requires publishes you always need to increase your quiz making skills and to do this you need to watch what the best quizmakers do and also always to take in consideration all the feedback you receive on your quizzes.

Did you actively try to earn any of the badges? If so, when and why did you start?

Yes, as I already said, I like the idea of badges and started to hunt them since the beginning. Probably I started one or two days after I created my account.

What is the most rewarding part of making quizzes?

This is really a difficult question. There are too many rewards and it’s hard to choose the most rewarding part. I think I’ll say that the knowledge you get when you make a quiz is the most rewarding one. You always learn new things no matter how much you already knew on any topic. I, for example, usually make a lot of research before launching my quizzes and because of this I learn a lot more when I’m creating a quiz than when I’m playing one.

Which of your published quizzes are you the proudest of?

I’m proud of all my quizzes, doesn’t matter if they are published or not. I am not able to choose only one. But the most close from my heart is this one about my country.

Any advice for would-be badge earners/quizmakers?

Do what you like to do. It’s important to have fun and spend quality time on Sporcle.

Once again, thanks to alinrotundu for the interview!  For a non-native speaker, I can imagine that language isn’t easy.  Still, the skill it takes to reach across categories is one of the many reasons that they has joined only a handful of other users in earning these badges.


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