Not For The Furious: 2 Fast 2 Blast

GOTCHA NOW you son of a badge.

Seriously, almost had a heart attack on the last quiz required to get it. One false move and you’ve had it: take too long and you’ve had it. It’s a tricky blighter, but it’s also mine. Geddit? ‘Cause it’s a minefield quiz? Admittedly, I’ve made better puns…

I also had the pleasure of earning Badgesplorer, which is rather fun as you play your way through lots of different Geography quizzes in lots of different subcategories in order to attain it, without necessarily needing to perform flawlessly. Sadly, we’re unlikely to see the word ‘Badgesplorer’ enter into common conversation anytime soon…

If you’ve yet to get your teeth into either badge, may I shamelessly suggest one of my latest quizzes as a warm-up? It’s both a Geography quiz and a Minefield quiz, so it’s win-win really…

Stay tuned for a review of other badges in due course!


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