A Lull in Proceedings (this week’s Top Ten so far)


How refreshing of you to join us, Kool-Aid Man!

Apologies for the radio silence of late, folks: it’s been a rather hectic week both physically and mentally. Rather than try and play catch-up and sift through a week’s worth of Publishes, I’ve decided to move on and tackle this week’s first.

So far this week (Monday onwards) there have been three quizzes that have caught my eye:

1. Food Mascot Blitz

Thebiguglyalien is no stranger to Sporcle’s Homepage and he’s shown why with a Blitz quiz that’s stylish, fun and challenging without being exasperating. Plus, you now have a valid excuse (as if you needed one) to yell “OH YEAH”, Kool-Aid Man style.

2. Never Relocated (NFL)

On the one hand, it’s always pleasing to see someone getting their first Publish (congrats Viktrodriguez) – on the other hand, who knew the history and location of the Baltimore Ravens could be so contentious?

3. Click the Baltic Sea Countries

Do I like this Quiz by PrincessMartell because of its stunning visuals; its challenging time limit; or the pun Sporcle made about Finnish Borders being Finnish Lines?

I think we know.

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