Weekly Top Ten (w/c 13/03/17)



Bear with us a moment, as we tell you a tale…

Another week, another excellent set of quizzes to digest. As always, you can read more about the Quizzes of the Day by clicking on the links. Shall we?

10) Quiz of the Day (14/03/17): Perfect Century Boy!

9) ASOIAF Minefield: Order of Death

Just a quick tip with this one: don’t use the Game of Thrones show as a guide, this quiz relies solely on the books. There’s a fair few of them to read through, too… 📚

8) ‘Beauty and the Beast’: Start to Finish

Just in case you didn’t know about the live action version coming out in cinemas this week, this quiz should keep it fresh in your mind. Don’t be too surprised by the Minefield element: it was made by the Minefield Curator after all!

7) One Letter Out: Musicals

You could have a lot of fun with Rent on this one. Bent? Sent? Cent? Belt? Melt? Oh no wait, that last one’s too similar to Wicked (what a world)…

6) One-Minute Crossword IV

If you think this crossword’s fun, check out the creator’s website for even more puzzles!

5) Big 4 Logos Collage II

You might remember me raving about this quiz’s predecessor on my old blog. This is definitely a decent sequel, though for some reason it doesn’t quite equal it in visual awesomeness. Ah well, still great fun.

4) Invisible NHL Teams

Hooray, the first NHL quiz published since I became Curator: though rest assured, I had no influence on its rise to prominence. The creator is on a hiatus of sorts at present, but was Curator of several subcategories until quite recently. Hopefully Publishes like these will hasten his return.

3) Quiz of the Day (15/03/17): Beware the Hi-Diddly-Hos of March

2) Quiz of the Day (13/03/17): 2 Fast 2 Speeding Tickets

1) Literary Teddy Bears

This quiz is both adorable and disturbing all at once. On the one hand, what’s not to love about teddy bears, especially when they’re made to look like icons of our favourite books? But on the other hand… why is there a Christian Grey teddy bear?!?

The horror. The bondage-induced horror. And that, friends, is part of the reason why this effort by PrincessMartell lands top spot: because we have never had a quiz with 50 Shades of Grey in the form of a teddy bear, and I dare say we never will again.

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