My First Publish: Tr4pD00r


The Onion Knight would approve of this quiz

Welcome to another instalment of ‘My First Publish!’ – this week it’s Tr4pD00r, Curator for an entire continent (Asia) and also Flags: clearly those who wish to curry favour with the Sporcler otherwise known as Dan should consider making an Asian Flag quiz…

When was your first Publish?

On 18th of August 2016. I started making quizzes regularly in April of that year, so I didn’t have to wait all that long.

How did you come up with the idea for the quiz, and what was the quiz about?

It’s this quiz:

Essentially, it’s about a spacebar challenge. The idea came to me accidentally. I was trying to make a different picture box quiz, and I wasn’t really sure how to format the pictures correctly. My first attempt at making that other quiz had all the images shred lengthwise into small strips. I then had the idea of using that as a basis for a spacebar challenge where you cut up an image. Onions came to mind, and that’s how this quiz was made.

(If anyone’s curious what that other quiz was, it was this one:

Did you have any help getting the quiz noticed?

I’m fortunate that this was a Just For Fun quiz, because our gracious JFF editor El_Dandy is more or less always on the scene before you can even send a message. I’ve gotten an EP for it just a short while after I launched the quiz, and then the publish came just a little bit after that. I don’t think I had to actively notify anyone about the quiz in all that time, which just made the publish feel all that better.

Where were you when you found out it had made the homepage?

The small nook in my living room where my desktop computer sits is more or less the only connection I have to the outside world. As such, I’m here for a large chunk of the day. I don’t think I was there the moment the quiz got published, though. That’s because I remember logging on to Sporcle and having an obscene amount of notifications. The majority of them were about new comments on this quiz, and when I got around to checking them, I noticed the picture that comes with published quizzes was now on this one.

Any advice for would-be quizmakers?

Don’t feel rushed to get a quiz out there. The best quizzes are the most creative ones, so you really shouldn’t feel that you have to launch quizzes on a regular basis just to get something out there. Once you get an idea for a good quiz, it’s generally good practice to ask curators and editors to help you refine that idea into something people will want to play. We’re all here to help, and we’ll never steer you wrong.

Thanks to Dan aka Tr4pD00r for his words of wisdom (as well as his help in updating some of the pages on this site)! If you’d like to feature on My First Publish, feel free to message me.

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