Quiz of the Day (15/03/17): Beware the Hi-Diddly-Hos of March


One of these days they’re going to draw Viking helmets without those horns… but today is not that day!

History on the Simpsons

Ooh, if only this had been Michiel‘s 15th Publish instead of his 16th: it would have been very fitting on such an auspicious date. Still, at least this Quiz is suitably steeped in historical lore, with the added entertainment factor of Homer and Company thrown in. The thing I like most is that you can do well on this quiz by being two different types of geek: a History geek who recognises the events from intricate little details, or a Simpsons geek who happens to have seen all the episodes. I probably tend more towards the former than the latter, what with a History degree and a love of the Simpsons that fades considerably after Season 10/11.

On a side note, what is it with American sitcoms going on longer than necessary? Granted some are better for having a good four or five seasons, but I can think of at least three sitcoms that got old after six or seven. Even my beloved Scrubs made a horrific error in trying to do a ninth season that ultimately fell by the wayside (as Zach Braff alluded to recently.

Honourable mentions also go to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Start to Finish by Thebiguglyalien for getting the song ‘Gaston’ almost permanently stuck in my head, and to One Letter Out: Musicals by Flick for making me nearly choke on my cup of tea. There’s clearly a market in misspelled musicals just waiting to be conquered…

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3 Responses to Quiz of the Day (15/03/17): Beware the Hi-Diddly-Hos of March

  1. queensgirl says:

    …yeah. That last season of Scrubs just didn’t work. :/

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  2. queensgirl says:

    (This is Wendy/NewYorker, btw.)

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