Quiz of the Day (14/03/17): Perfect Century Boy!


You get a better view of this image if Ukraine your neck a bit!

Hidden Neighbours of Ukraine

If I ever meet markassonne in the street, I’ll buy him a pint: for this quiz is but one of the many in his Hidden Neighbours series that have helped me on my way to the dreaded and notorious Perfect Century badge.

Why is it so notorious? Because you have to get 100% on a quiz you’ve never played that day, every day, for a 100 consecutive days. Evil badge is evil, I tells ya.

Effectively, this quiz tests your memory in a way that’s cool but simplistic: you are given an outline of Ukraine and are left to consider where a bordering country is in relation, without any drawn borders to assist. This could be horribly frustrating if the ‘skip’ option wasn’t included, but fortunately it is, thus allowing you to find the easier targets (e.g. Russia) first. Of course, telling the geographical difference between Hungary and Slovakia may not be quite so easy, but that’s Central Europe for you.

Honourable mention goes to Qaqaq for his One-Minute Crossword IV Quiz: I didn’t even have to use a pen for it! No cross words from me on this one…


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