Quiz of the Day (13/03/17): 2 Fast 2 Speeding Tickets


Sure you did, Cher: suuuure you did.

If Movie Characters Got Traffic Tickets

Here’s a good rule of thumb when playing Sporcle quizzes: if it makes your roar with laughter, there’s a good chance it was made by Hejman. Last time he featured it was thanks to a wickedly funny backing bands Music quiz, this time it’s with a Movies quiz that I wouldn’t blame you for playing 100 times (especially as you can now earn a badge that way).

The hints are delightful and the mix of movies is excellent, but one is left thinking: what is it with movie characters and driving? If there was any justice in films a lot of them would have failed their driving test a fair few times over (though I can think of at least one movie where that does happen). Then again, in one of the movies that features, there’s a T-Rex running loose, so maybe good driving isn’t the top priority there.

Honourable mentions go to Pixar Shorts Picture Click by chaosBEE (another quiz to help you earn that new badge) and ASOIAF Minefield: Order of Death by theonbaejoy, a quiz so brutal that you either win or you die (it’s also their first Publish, woo)!

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