Weekly Top Ten (w/c 06/03/17)


Sadly, they didn’t build THIS city on Rock and Roll…

Who’s going to have made top spot this week, you ask? Let’s find out…

10) Planetary Profile: Earth

Darzlat makes the top ten with their first ever Publish: it’s enjoyable and well-designed, but it’s more ‘short and sweet’ than Box-office.

9) Circled U.K. Cities

A well-designed quiz by Rackie that’s more challenging than you might expect, even for a U.K. national like myself. Those Northern Irish cities aren’t the easiest to memorise, y’know!

8) African Flag Maps

I could look at this quiz all day: there’s something striking about the design of a flag on the back drop of a country’s outline. Still wouldn’t do very well on a quiz like this, mind: why does Africa have so many countries with Guinea in its name? Whyyyyy…

The top seven were all reviewed throughout last week: click the links to get more of a feel for their appeal!

7) These People Are Quackers!

Are these some duckfaces I see before me? And why am I not surprised that they belong to famous people?

6) Is this ’bout plant life? Is this Biology?

It blinded me with science, your honour!

5) Team America Would Be Proud

“Matt. DAMON.”

4) Quoters of the World, Unite! 🌎

This quiz gets high Marx from the judges.

3) Lana Del Rey would approve

Just the bronze for bhenderson79 this time. This time…

2) Decadent Decades

Europe Curator kfastic comes mighty close with this mental decathlon of a quiz…

1) The Hangman Cometh

Nudging his way to the top and taking Gold is our Gaming Editor BillyJoelRulez with a quiz that’s entertaining, informative and not unduly challenging. Now let’s all go and have some hamantaschen…

Who’ll be the first quizmaker to feature in the next Weekly Top Ten? Stay tuned…

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