Quiz of the Day: Lana Del Rey would approve


All right, who put these flowers on my head? It’s not funny you know…

Video Games Missing a Letter

You always had a feeling he’d break into the Weekly Top Ten somewhere down the line, and right at the death, here’s bhenderson79 with his latest masterpiece.

If you’re expecting another visual showstopper, however, you may be disappointed, as this is a clickable quiz: but what it lacks in aesthetics it more than makes up for in entertainment. The descriptions for each video game that seems to have lost a letter, particularly Gran Theft Auto, left me with a dilemma: should I try and finish the quiz, or just give in to hysterical laughter? Fortunately, the former prevailed, but it was a close-run thing.

Perhaps coincidentally, I had made a similar quiz without knowing about this one: the only difference being that my quiz involves changing a letter rather than missing one out. I may well go and flesh mine out a bit, as a Gaming Publish still eludes me: but I’ll have to go some to match the hilarity of Bill’s most recent triumph!

Honorable mentions must go to African Flag Maps by michaelgeorgebar for its stunning visuals and Which President Was Born First? by Rackie, who is on an excellent Publishing streak of late. It’s going to make choosing my Weekly Top Ten more challenging than a Minefield Quiz on Game of Thrones…

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