Quiz of the Day (11/03/17): The Hangman Cometh


Starts with H, Ends with N

Wondering what’s so great about this quiz? Well have I got noose for you!

Having had my little gripe about a quiz he had Published earlier in the week, it seems only fair that I commend BillyJoelRulez (our esteemed Gaming Editor) for this Publish that is utterly flawless in its… execution, shall we say. Indeed, there can be no quibbles with the timer on this Language quiz, with a generous eight minutes given to the player. Have you ever made a cup of tea whilst playing a Sporcle quiz? Because you probably could with this one (as if the British need an excuse to make a cup of tea).

Moreover, there’s an excellent variety of vocabulary in here with some words that should be used more often in conversation and some words I’d never heard of. It was also reassuring to know that I was not playing an actual game of Hangman, as that would have raised the stakes to an alarming level. Few games increase the tension in a room quite like Hangman (with the obvious exception of Monopoly).

I’d also like to highlight Just the Blue: Sports Logos by former Geography Editor RobPro, mainly because a) I like Sports and b) I like the colour blue. Double the enjoyment for this Sporcler!

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