Quiz of the Day (10/03/17): Is this ’bout plant life? Is this Biology?


The microscope’s been around for years: when will someone invent the macroscope, I wonder?

Biology Quiz (Multiple Choice)

Ah, Biology: a subject I discarded nearly twelve years ago. How fitting, then, that I got 12/20 on this quiz. Even the Multiple Choice element could not assist me in getting a higher score. (I also got a B in Biology, which at least shows that my spelling was on point, doesn’t it?)

Multiple Choice quizzes are a relatively new concept to Sporcle, but that’s not to say there aren’t many of them: I myself have somehow made 18 in the span of three months, so you get an idea of their increasing numbers. This is part of the reason why awesomeness365 should be pleased with this Publish, as I believe that the Sporcle Admin are only putting particularly good Multiple Choice quizzes on the Homepage at this moment in time. Indeed, this is only the fifth Multiple Choice quiz in the Science Category to be Published: though perhaps this latest Publish will inspire our Curator for Blitz to make similar quizzes for Physics and Chemistry. We shall see!

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