My First Publish: DesertSpartan


This is the best game of Guess Who I’ve ever seen!

Welcome back to another installment of ‘My First Publish’!
This week we’re featuring Music EditorĀ DesertSpartan, who’s had his quizzes featured on the homepage for quite some time now…

When did it happen?

My first publish occurred on October 14, 2013. The quiz was created on September 1, 2013, just over a year after I created my first quiz.

How did you come up with the idea?

The quiz was called ā€œName the Historical Figure Whoā€¦ā€, it was the first quiz in one of my first series. I honestly donā€™t remember how I came up with the idea, but it was very ambitious for me. It was my first ever History quiz, although my created quizzes shows one with an earlier creation date, that quiz was a subsequently reworked quiz from a different category. For some reason, I have always felt that History and Science quizzes should be personally held to a higher standard than the other categories.

How long did it take to make, and did you expect it to be published?

This was one of the quizzes I spent the most time on. I spent several hours creating the quiz and then released it. At the time I had just one prior EP and one CP and had just started to communicate with other quiz creators. ‘needapausebutton‘ (current Editor for History)Ā sent me an e-mail about the quiz and asked me to do some things to improve the quizā€™s play and experience. I spent several hours over the next week improving the quiz and needapausebutton spent more time helping me than I have spent on over 90% of my quizzes. I thought it was one of my best quizzes and because of the help, I expected it to do well, although I never expected to ever be published.

Where were you when you found out it was Published?

I was at work and received the e-mail telling me the quiz was published. It was an incredible feeling and validation.

Any advice for would-be Quizmasters?

The greatest thing that I ever did was start collaborating with others. After that quiz, I spent about two months building relationships with other Sporclers and getting help on my quizzes. What I learned was invaluable. On occasion I ask others for help, but I spend a lot of time helping others. I am amazed that quiz creators much better than myself have asked me for help. When my first published quiz became an Editorā€™s Pick, I was very excited. The quiz quickly became my most played quiz and had a great rating. Surprisingly, needapausebutton was disappointed in the quizzes performance. He really seemed to take things personally. I found that strange until I started helping others. Since then I have become more concerned about some quizzes that I have help others with than either the creators are or I am with my own quizzes. That is one reason that I love facilitating Sporcle contests. I constantly receive thanks for inspiring others to design special quizzes and push themselves.

Thanks to DesertSpartan for agreeing to the interview as well as some fascinating insights on how to improve a Quiz: I can certainly recommend collaborating on quizzes, two heads are better than one after all!

Join us next week as I hope to pick the brains ofĀ Tr4pD00rĀ as to how he got his First Publish…

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