Quiz of the Day: Quoters of the World, Unite! 🌎


When it comes to quotes, Calvin & Hobbes get full Marx

Unite The Quotes!

It’s not uncommon for a Quote quiz to make the front page of Sporcle, but it is slightly unusual for that quiz to belong to the History category. Then again, seeing as the quizmaker is MoMosMoProblems, who happens to be Curator for Biography, perhaps it is to be expected.

Quote quizzes tend to be witty and amusing too, but this one is remarkably uplifting and inspiring with a decent mix of famous figures urging unity in various scenarios throughout history. This is particularly noteworthy as it makes it much more difficult to be frustrated with your performance on the quiz as you console yourself with some rousing quotations. Just don’t try and pass them off as your own when doing homework: teachers can Google just as well as the rest of us (as my wife Rachel can testify, being a teacher by trade).

A special mention to Darzlat for this quiz on good ol’ Planet Earth, which happens to be their first ever Publish. And as we all know, there’s nothing like that first Publish… 🌎

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