Quiz of the Day: These People Are Quackers!


Not that kind of duckface, Igor!

Famous Duckfaces IV Quiz

Who would have thought that so many famous people could make themselves look so ridiculous so many times, to so many photographers? Clearly, a certain timmylemoine1 did, as he’s managed to create a series of quizzes based on this concept, with this being the fourth instalment out of five.

Of course, the pitfall with these celebrity quizzes is that some are considerably more famous than others, but there’s a good mixture of old and new A-Listers and three minutes is long enough to get most of them without it being too challenging. As for any celebrities who take offence at these pictures, rest assured that they pale in comparison to most people’s Yearbook photos…

Honourable Mention

The only thing that stopped this quiz from making my Weekly Top Ten was the time limit. BillyJoelRulez has made an excellent series of Speed-Picking Quizzes that have favourable ratings, but this one focuses on Religion and is therefore, unfortunately, just the wrong side of challenging. An extra minute would transform it from a potentially excellent quiz to a unquestionably excellent quiz. Either that, or we all needed to pay more attention in R.E.

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