Quiz of the Day: Team America Would Be Proud


“Matt Neigh-Mon!”


Is it a tragedy or a triumph for Matt Damon that he will be known mainly for an impersonation of his acting style, I wonder? If it is a tragedy, at least he will find solace in this quiz by the elusive ‘g_norm‘, who has managed to earn the Silver Screen Superstar badge with this latest Publish in the Movies category.

Now, Picture Click quizzes are becoming more and more commonplace due to their aesthetic qualities, but this is still an excellent quiz because the chances that you’ve seen Matt Damon in all these movies are middling to low at best. Did you know Matt Damon voiced an animated horse? If so, you may have something of an obsession, but then don’t we all.

Also worth a mention is Circled UK Cities by Rackie, a quiz that starts off looking like the easiest thing ever but then gets surprisingly difficult. Fortunately for me, visiting random UK cities happens to be my obsession…

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