Quiz of the Day: Decadent Decades

Kate Beaton is awesome :)

Go read Hark! A Vagrant already for more Great Gatsby/1920s goodness

20th Century: ’10s or ’20s? Quiz

The urge to make this quiz by bhenderson79 Monday’s top quiz was strong, but as I hope to explain, this one by kfastic just about nudges it aside.

You see, for a quiz to find a particular level with me, it has to beat me at my own skill set. If a Gaming quiz proves tricky for me, it’s not especially surprising: I am not an avid gamer and have never owned a console in my life, my knowledge limited mainly to board games. History, however, is the subject in which I earned my degree: I therefore take particular pride in my knowledge of most things historical.

Thus, when a history quiz has me struggling to place a date to an event, as this quiz does rather well, it earns high praise from me.  I also like how the events do not focus purely on either World War I or on the United States: there’s also a good handful of events that occurred in modern-Day Russia and Turkey, as well as Iran and Japan.

I’d also like to give a special mention to Sports Puns II by bowsntoys for making me chuckle on a Monday morning: it’s not often many of us do that, after all…

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