Introducing the new Curator for NHL…


What do you mean, it’s me?

Yes, it would appear that my curating responsibilities have increased twofold of late. Having been Curator for Quote since January 17th, I became the new Curator for NHL (National Hockey League) on March 3rd.

Of course, some might find it strange that an Englishman who’s never been outside of Europe would take an interest in a league consisting purely of teams from Canada and the United States: perhaps an explanation is in order.

You see, whilst Ice Hockey is not my absolute favourite sport, I generally enjoy anything that is played at speed, and there are very few sports that can claim to be faster than Ice Hockey. Although the sport has very little coverage in the UK, it is certainly growing in popularity and there are more and more teams that are drastically improving in standards. However, there is still a fair bit of work to do on that score (the gulf in class between some teams is glaringly apparent), and therefore most Brits like myself are inclined to watch NHL matches if we want to see the best that the sport has to offer. Of course, the time zones are against me, but I certainly enjoy watching the highlights packages that the NHL put on YouTube on a daily basis. Twitter also makes the NHL a lot more accessible for those of us that happen to be the wrong side of the Atlantic.

It’s also true that, the more I’ve invested in Sporcle, the better knowledge I have of the NHL and its history in general, which is the main reason why I applied to become the Curator when I saw that the post was vacant: until I finally manage to visit the US and/or Canada, one of the best ways for me to keep up with the NHL outside of YouTube and Twitter is Sporcle itself. Moreover, there is clearly a lot of love for the NHL as a subcategory, and it seemed a shame for a lot of good quizzes to go unnoticed (particularly as there is still no Curator for Hockey).

I’m looking forward to the challenge of being a Curator for two subcategories: remember, if you have made a Quote quiz or NHL quiz that you think is worthy of a Curator’s Pick, send me a message on Sporcle and we’ll take it from there!

Cheers, and may the puck drop be ever in your favour…

P.S. Go Wild!

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1 Response to Introducing the new Curator for NHL…

  1. Dave says:

    Since Patrick Marleau of the Sharks joined this exclusive club a month ago, I added him to this quiz which was created to celebrate Jarome Iginla’s accomplishment while with the Flames.
    Since them, only Alex Ovechkin had joined, and it doesn’t look like there will be any other new members in the foreseeable future.


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