Top Ten Quizzes (w/c 27/02/17)


“Prospero! Give us a wave!”

If you’ve been reading the blog throughout the week, you’ll have already read through the reviews of some of these quizzes: if not, the links will take you to said reviews. Either way, it’s time to break down this week’s top ten quizzes!

10) Presidents With No Biological Children

The most basic and plainest of the top ten, which ultimately means it has to be last on the list regardless of how good the idea is (and it’s a brilliant one).

9) Backward Europe Match-Up

This one just manages to beat the previous entry due to its Clickable format making it more entertaining than the former’s Classic concept. It also messes with your head a bit, which I like.

8) Connect the 12-Letter Words

In a word, ‘Blabbermouth’. In a non-existent word, ‘Blabberaptor’.

7) Cartoon Character Blitz II

Aha, one I’ve yet to review properly!

This entry by Thebiguglyalien, Curator for Minefield and The Office, is a lot of fun, mainly down to its nostalgia value: regardless of your demographic, you’ve almost certainly seen at least a good dozen of these, if not all of them.

Perhaps an even better version of this quiz would be to make the hints a character from the same series, just to make us think that little bit harder. Although with just a minute to play it in, perhaps the difficulty level’s high enough already.

6) Subcategory Multiple Choice: Geography II

Would have been the best Geography quiz of the week if not for the one Published yesterday that beat it. Still an excellent concept and the depth of knowledge required makes it a satisfying challenge.

5) Our Revels Now Are Ended

Not often we get a quiz of this nature: a Shakespeare quiz that focuses on a very specific part of a certain Play whilst also using a picture of The Globe as its backdrop. Visually striking and impressive in its innovation.

Unsurprisingly, the quizmaker, LisaSimpsonOH, is known for breaking new ground with quizzes of this nature: the fact that she is Curator for both Novel and Islam points to her ability as a quizmaker. After all, you don’t get to be Curator for two Subcategories if you’re not good at the art of Quizzes yourself.

The only thing that stops this featuring any higher? Arguably, it’s a little too obscure: even with my background of being married to an English teacher and knowing a good deal of Shakespeare’s work, ‘The Tempest’ is not as well-known as Macbeth, Hamlet, Twelfth Night or a fair few other plays of his. If this quiz were done in a similar way for the’Is This A Dagger’ soliloquy by Macbeth, it would be on considerably more plays than it is.

4) World Landmark Haikus

Whilst speaking to Pushcake, she happily admitted that the Geography Category was her ‘kryptonite’ and that she struggled to work out why the Vatican City only has one border. So imagine our mutual surprise when this Quiz made the homepage!

Naturally, there are some who would claim that using haikus in a Geography quiz is something of a cheat, as they would normally be found in Literature: I’m minded to say that it is not so much cheating as ingenuity. After all, the answers certainly belong to Geography, so why should it belong in Literature? Indeed, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see haikus start to appear in quizzes from a variety of Categories. That bandwagon won’t jump on itself, you know.

3) Click A Movie, Initially – Animated Movies

This quiz by B_Awesome_87, in any other week, could easily have found itself top of the pile. So why not this week, I hear you ask?

Firstly, it didn’t quite make me go, ‘Wow’. I certainly found the design and set-up impressive, but there is such a proliferation of Disney/Dreamworks/Pixar quizzes that what could have been rather daunting ended up being just a little too easy. I have played one of the other quizzes in this series, which focuses on sports movies, and found its level of difficulty to be more entertaining.

I know, I know: damned if you make a quiz on Shakespeare that’s too obscure, damned if you make one on Animated Films that’s too mainstream. What can I say? We’re a fickle bunch, us reviewers.

2) Crytpogram Map: Gods and Goddesses

I briefly considered having the top two quizzes share first place, but as they say in The Highlander, there can be only one. If at any point I decide to do a ‘Top Five Quizzes of the Month’ for March, this is very likely to be in that top five.

1) Paint by Trivia: Art History

It had to be this. From the start of the week, my thought has always been, “Any quiz that beats this is going to have to be visually incredible, the right level of difficulty, and focus on a topic that is neither too obscure nor overdone.” Several quizzes hit at least one or two of those criteria, but not all three.

One would be tempted to say that ‘bhenderson79‘ will hold a permanent spot in the weekly Top Ten: but what if I told you that he didn’t feature at all last week? Perhaps he’s simply on a jobshare with ‘Hejman‘…

Thanks for reading! The race to feature in next week’s Top Ten Quizzes is already on…

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