Quiz of the Day: Categorise This

Subcategory Multiple Choice: Geography II

The Quizmaker in question, a certain metakoopa99, is perhaps better known for being Curator for both NFL and Rock (Music), so it says a lot about their versatility when they get a Publish in a Category that bears no relation to either of those genres.

Furthermore, it says a lot for Geography as a Category when you realise just how many subcategories are contained within. EIGHTEEN. That is madness, but it shows its popularity compared to other Categories (I myself have played over 3,000 Geography quizzes, but have yet to play over 2,000 in any other type).

As a result, Geography quizzes that do get Published have to be particularly good in order to win praise from me, as they have an easier job of being noticed compared to, say, a Holiday Quiz. This one is because it uses the variety of subcategories to test your Geography knowledge as a whole, rather than simply make you rattle off a list of random countries you’re unlikely to ever visit. If you want to actually learn about Geography in depth, this is the quiz to take.

Of course, seeing as I got 56%, that last statement definitely applies to me…

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