My First Publish: JeluPotter25


Does JeluPotter25 like Ginny Weasley? It’s probably too soon to tell, but our sources say yes…

Welcome back to ‘My First Publish’! This week we’re featuring ‘JeluPotter25‘, Curator for Literary Character.

When did it happen?

February 10th, 2017: two months after I first started making quizzes on a regular basis.

What’s it called?

Disease or Mineral?, my only Science quiz to date. I got the idea after playing a quiz by DesertSpartan on minerals and thinking that some of them sounded like diseases.

How long did it take to make, and did you expect it to do well?

Approximately ten minutes, and no I didn’t! I thought it was too hard, but still fun: even I couldn’t get 100% a few minutes after making it!

Where were you when you found out it was Published?

I’d only just got home, logged on to Sporcle whilst on my living room couch and saw the Published quizzes that day, thinking: “That Disease or Mineral quiz… is that… MY QUIZ?!?”

Any advice for would-be quizmasters?

Just because your quiz doesn’t get a Curator’s Pick or Editor’s Pick straightaway, doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Thanks to JeluPotter25 for sharing her First Publish. If you’d like to feature yourself, simply message Chris on Sporcle.

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