Quiz of the Day: Passive-Regressive Nations


Backward Europe Match-Up

Being a Curator for Sporcle, one could easily accuse me of favouring quizzes made by other Curators or even Editors, but as ‘caramba’ showed on Tuesday and ‘Qaqaq‘ shows today, not all excellent quizzes are made by those with titles.

Indeed, a Sporcler with no responsibilities for subcategories or suchlike can often find themselves with more time to hone their craft and thus make better quizzes. This is in evidence with Qaqaq as he makes us all think backwards, and not for the first time either (this is the 4th Publish of a 12-game series).

Not only that,  but by splitting the names up, you have to be doubly sure about what you’re spelling. I did manage 100% but it was a painstaking and arduous process: patience is most certainly required!

I’d certainly recommend playing the rest of Qaqaq’s series: just don’t blame me if words look funny for a while afterwards…

PS The Disney: Oldest to Newest Quiz could have been Quiz of the Day if it hadn’t been for its unnecessary Minefield element. A rating of 3.3 out of 5 tells its own story, which is a shame as the idea by codename is excellent. I’ve been guilty of adding unnecessary minefields myself in the past and have subtracted them after constructive feedback: it’s not always the easiest call to make, but if the Minefield element ruins the fun for players, then it probably should be removed.

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