Quiz of the Day: Breaking Up (Long Words) Is Hard To Do

Clever girl...

This quiz should always be met with raptor-ous applause

Connect the 12-Letter Words

First off, who knew there were so many of these gargantuan things? BoggelTeam, Curator for Mario and Mixed Word, must have had at least an inkling, as this quiz is of their making, and very well made it is too.

It is tempting to look at some of the quizzes being made of late and attempt to mimic their grand designs and complicated formats, but this is a gentle reminder that a Clickable quiz can be just as enjoyable. Part of the enjoyment is discovering new words – there were definitely a couple I’d not come across – but there’s also a lot to be said for the incorrect answers. As StrobesAU says in the comments, “Blabberaptor”. And so say all of us.

For my part, the one I missed was Encephalitis. It’s one you probably want to keep missing from a biological standpoint…


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