Badge of the Day: Gimme Shelter


Rolling Stones fans, rejoice: this badge was tailor-made to suit your interests. Provided, of course, that you either own their entire back catalogue or know all the albums, as the latter is the sole requirement for this badge.

The advantage I’ve always had with regards to Rolling Stones trivia is the fact that my father not only enjoys the music of Mick Jagger, but is also a near-doppelgänger of Mick Jagger. The number of times we used to watch old videos of the Stones and double-take whenever Mick would turn around and face the camera… fortunately, these days Mick ages considerably faster than my father does.

Once you’ve earned that badge, you can have a crack at the other ones that can be attained through quizzes in the Album subcategory, ably curated by hcd199: I particularly recommend the Queen and Led Zeppelin album quizzes. Keep rocking out, fellow Sporclers! 🎸

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