Quiz of the Day: US History by English Monarch


Presidents with No Biological Children

Of course, there’s no way of knowing if ‘william2‘ is even in any way related to the former King of England, but for the sake of defying logic, let’s assume that he is.

Maybe it’s my inability to come up with a History quiz that goes beyond getting a Curator’s Pick,  but I openly envy any quizmaker who can be innovative on a topic firmly rooted in the past. When I try to make a quiz involving US Presidents, at no point do I think, “Hmm, which ones didn’t have kids of their own?” Which is probably just as well, as ‘william2’ made this quiz well over 3 years ago and would have been on my case for severe plagiarism.

I won’t give the answers away, but the timescale over which the five Presidents lived is intriguing. The time given for the quiz is also excellent: I do like me a 90-second quiz.

This week’s Top Ten is already shaping up nicely: who’ll be next?

Come back tomorrow to find out!

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