Quiz of the Day: Aye ‘caramba’!


By Odin’s beard, this runs yesterday’s quiz close. Cryptogram Map: Gods and Goddesses is a quiz that is indeed rare in its concept: the Map format is not widely used by Quiz makers, so to use it so creatively is to be commended. For those wondering what a cryptogram is, it’s effectively a code where letters are swapped for each other: for example, you might swap your ‘a’ for a ‘d’, your ‘c’ for a ‘z’ and so on.

Thus, the challenge is presented by ‘caramba‘: do you know your various gods, Greek or Norse, Hindu or Roman, well enough when they’re rearranged into gobbledygook?

I was annoyingly close: missed the ‘b’ needed for Anubis. Ah well, any excuse to go watch Prince of Egypt I guess…

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2 Responses to Quiz of the Day: Aye ‘caramba’!

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the positive review! I enjoy making those quizzes, even though it takes hours. Also liked the old YippeeYappee cryptograms, but thought the map would make them even better.

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