Top Ten Quizzes (w/c 20/02/17)

Ooh, this was a tough one to order. So many good Published quizzes, so little time…


10) The Spa Glossary

I panicked when I saw this quiz. I clicked ‘Play’. I observed the terminology that ‘hatefulmissy‘ had carefully and meticulously put on display.

I gave up without getting a single answer right and may have needed counselling afterwards.

Still, if you do know a thing or two about spas, then you’ll probably love this. Given time, I probably will too.

9) Bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo on a Map

Who, in their right mind, decided that the Republic of Congo and the good ol’ DRC should border each other? Even Slovenia and Slovakia realised that was a bad idea (though they too are irritatingly close together on a map). Nevertheless, this quiz is a good barometer of where your knowledge of African countries lies: if you get 100% without breaking a sweat, it’s safe to say you’re on par with the likes of gazzso (Curator for Africa) and RobPro (who created this quiz and was an Editor for Geography in his time).

8) European Countries with a ‘D’

Somehow, when playing this, I employed the strategy of thinking of countries that have a ‘D’ in the middle or the end of their name. Why it didn’t occur to me to also think of the one country that starts with ‘D’, I’ll never know. Forgive me, Denmark. I have failed you. At least ‘PrincessMartell‘ (Curator for Play and Children’s Books) remembered when she was making this quiz. The Picture Click element also makes this more fun, and we do like our fun here.

7) Right or Wrong Definition?

Joshie_the_great‘ clearly has a high opinion of himself, but with a quiz like this, perhaps that’s understandable. An excellent variety of vocab keeps the player on their toes as it becomes clear that some definitions are right on the money, but others are not what they seem. How many of these words will you end up using at work this week, I wonder?

6) Canada, Mexico, or US Capital?

The user ‘mszzz‘ is shrouded in mystery: even when glancing at their profile, their gender, country of origin and appearance remain unclear. One thing is certain though: they like their Geography, as all their Publishes have come from that Category. This one’s arguably the best, with a cunning assortment of state capitals that could easily be assigned to the wrong country by most people, with the possible exception of the National Geographic editors. Those guys have no excuse.

5) Famous Back-Up Groups 

We know quite a bit more about the maker of this next quiz: ‘Hejman‘ is one of the giants of Sporcle, with a whopping 640 Publishes and quizzes that have been played over 33 million times. He’s therefore usually in with a decent shout of making the Top Ten on a weekly basis, and he certainly manages it here with a quiz that had me in stitches: not because of the right answers, but more for the wrong ones. Bob Marley and the Scrooges? Genius. I may have had to watch a certain Muppets Christmas Carol song afterwards…

4) Calvin and Hobbes Snowman Match-Up

I was particularly delighted to see this make the Homepage, as I had the good fortune of stumbling upon it a few weeks ago. It duly made me laugh even more than Hejman’s entry did, and I alerted the Curator for Comic BooksMalkore‘ to it. It snowballed (geddit) from there, as his Curator’s Pick  led to it being given an Editor’s Pick to the delight of its creator ‘Pushcake‘. Imagine how she’s feeling this morning now it’s Published!

To anyone who hasn’t read a Calvin and Hobbes comic, you’ve still got time; but yes, you have been missing out, in case you were wondering. The strips involving snowmen are particularly comedic, though perhaps a little dark.

3) Find the Missing Fauna in Songs

If animals can’t sing, then how come they keep ending up in songs? It seems rather cruel that they will never be able to recite chart hits about themselves, if you ask me. ‘timmylemoine1‘ (Curator for South Park) probably didn’t consider that whilst making it, focusing instead on using a colourful assortment of animals and a wide variety of songs to put your multitasking techniques to the test.

Still doesn’t tell us what the fox says, though…

2) Icons Unmasked IV

It’s only right that I first give a huge shout-out to the artist behind the sketches in this quiz, Alex Solis, whose website is well worth a look. The idea that some of the most famous cartoon characters and/or celebrities might be disguised as other cartoon characters/celebrities is hilarious and innovative, and whilst this is the fourth quiz in the series by ‘Rackie‘ (Curator for Computer and Best Picture), I for one hope it’s not the last.

1) Type, Draw, Paint: The Simpsons

Words do not do this quiz justice. Friend, simply click on the link and you will see why this made the #1 spot this week. The comments simply re-inforce this humble opinion of mine, and the only problem ‘kfastic’ (Curator for Europe) has now is trying to work out how he can top this masterclass. It won’t be easy!

Is there a quiz you think should have made the list from last week’s quizzes? Let us know in the comments!

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