Quiz of the Day: the Brilliance of ‘bhenderson79’


Paint by Trivia: Art History

Sadly, the above image is not quite what you get when you play the latest Publish belonging to ‘bhenderson79‘, but I assure you it is just as satisfying. Even a novice to the world of art will get enough answers to see the painting slowly come to life.

I honestly don’t know how our esteemed Science Editor does it. He has created 297 quizzes and 110 of them have been Published: so effectively, for every 3 quizzes he makes, at least 1 makes the Homepage of Sporcle.

By way of comparison, I’ve made 169 and have 4 Publishes to my name. It’s similar to how I feel about my piano playing (I’m Grade 6 standard) – the average Joe will hear me play and go, “Wow, you’re really good!” and I go, “Not compared to my wife, mate!” (She has a diploma in Piano Performance, which is Grade 8 and then some.)

It’s safe to say this Art-ilicious quiz will feature in the next Weekly Top Ten: all that remains is to see if anyone can stop it from finishing first. They’re going to have to go some…

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