Monthly Badges: March

So February, come Wednesday, will be no more: but where does that leave us Sporclers with regards to badges?

Well, there’s a few to be earned specifically in March that are worth a look…

Mission to March – Arguably the simplest badge to earn, you simply have to play 250 unpublished quizzes in the month (which works out at just over 8 quizzes a day). Seems easy enough!

International Women’s Day (March 8) – One of the newest badges on the market, this requires you to get 50% or more on the following quizzes: Women in Government, Women on Stamps and Female Scientists. Girl power just hit terminal velocity.

I Like Pi
 (March 14) – A rather unusual badge in that you don’t have to get a particular score on one of its quizzes (Kinds of Pie) but you do have to get at least ten answers right on the other (Digits of Pi). How very odd.

Ides of March (March 15) – Ooh er, could the knives be out for this badge? The only way to find out is to play Historical Murder Match-UpIn Plain English: Julius Caesar and Emperors of Rome on the day that Caesar really should have kept an eye out for.

Luck of the Irish (March 17) – No high scores required here, to be sure: simply play your way through Kiss Me…I’m Irish!Green Things and The Saint Patrick’s Day Quiz on St Patrick’s Day itself.

Do I have any of these badges? Ask me again in a month’s time…

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