Perfect Century Blues

So, Sporcle badges. They’re fun to earn, right? And occasionally easy.

Alas, it ain’t always so: Exhibit A being the Perfect Century badge. The description makes the challenge painfully clear:

“Get 💯% on a quiz you haven’t played before for a 💯 consecutive days”

It’s almost the end of February. I’m not even half-way through the badge. Sporcle, you are a cruel mistress sometimes.

But fear not, there is a way to conquer it on a day-to-day basis: find a playlist that’s fun but simple! I present this delightful flag playlist, Flags of Europe (Color Click) by ‘Scuadrado‘. That should get you through the first thirty days of earning the badge at least!

After that, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a playlist like that for every continent. Perfect Century, we’re coming for you…

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