Sunday’s Quizzes (19/02/17)


This will be the last daily quiz post as we know it: as of tomorrow, I’ll be shifting to a ‘Top Ten Sporcle Quizzes of the Week’ format, which will be less time-consuming. We’ll still give you the links to other Published quizzes each day, just not a daily quiz review. I’m looking forward to the new format.


The Famous by Their Feet

As Morgan Freeman’s character in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ would say, “How often do you really look at a man’s shoes?” Well, ‘babymonkee‘ (Curator for Movie Titles) has devised a way of showing just how often you do that with celebrities, with a Picture Click quiz that shows off the soles and heels of the well-heeled. It’s time to see if you know the differences between your Michael Jacksons and your Lionel Messis!

When Harry Met Movie Quotes

Oh no, not this guy again! Why? Why can’t the rest of us have anything nice?

But seriously folks…

This was probably the most fun I’ve had making a quiz so far. I’d played a whole bunch of Harry Potter quizzes and some excellent Movie Quotes and thought, “Hang on, has anyone tried to combine the two?” Mercifully, they hadn’t, so I got to creating as quickly as possible! It got a Curator’s Pick from ‘El_Dandy‘ and an Editor’s Pick from ‘FearTheManatee‘ before being Published, so thanks to those two for their advice and feedback.

Subcategory Multiple Choice: Science

We trust you’ve heard of ‘teedslaststand‘: newly-appointed Editor of Sports, Curator for Physics, Holder of the Crazy Ivan Badge, Geo-Physicist at Cambridge University?


Well, looks like someone hasn’t been stalking hard enough. It’s a good thing we’re here to set you straight, as does this quiz with its insistence that you broaden your knowledge to all areas of Science. Sure, you might know that Geology rocks, but can you use your Physics facts to assess the gravity of the situation?

Or we could like, just make a bunch of Science puns. But only if we’ve got good chemistry.

Fruity Jokes

Do we need to explain this quiz by ‘emilymarie07‘, Curator for How I Met Your Mother? Probably not, as it’s a good bit of fun and a simple concept that shouldn’t be too taxing. But one thing’s for certain, if it’s made by the HIMYM Curator, it’s sure to be legen…

wait for it…


Also Published

8 Scenes, 1 Movie! VII by ‘BigAl1994‘ (Curator for Movie Characters/TV Show)
Borders a ‘T’ Country Minefield by ‘caramba‘ (Who seems to have vanished, alas: maybe they’ll come back and make more quizzes?)
Who Am I? Authors by ‘LisaSimpsonOH‘ (Curator for Novel/Islam)
Dancing Artists by ‘midnight_dreary‘ (First Publish, hurrah!)
US Capitals by Letter-Number Combination by ‘triviahappy‘ (Curator for Begins and Ends/Catholicism)

Daily Dose

Word Ladder:Video Game Titles and Consoles by ‘PenguinsMeercats‘ (3rd Publish for the die-hard Celtic fan)
Missing Word: MTV Shows by ‘slipkid’ (Editor for Entertainment)
Quick Pick: Cluedo Suspects by ‘RobPro‘ (Former Geography Editor)
On This Day: February 19th by ‘SporcleEXP

Right, that’s more than enough  quizzes to be going on with. Back to whatever procrastinating you were doing before this particular type of procrastinating!

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