Saturday’s Quizzes (18/02/17)

Well this is new. And yet old. Interesting.

Voice Acting Picture Click II

We don’t know much about ‘g_norm‘ except that they’re an Aussie with 5 Publishes, but that’ll do to be going on with. The use of images here is deceptively cunning, as whilst it might give you a vague hint as to who voices the characters, you wouldn’t know for sure unless you’d seen every movie. They clearly raise them to be clever fiends in Bunbury, Western Australia!

Hogwarts Charms Exam

Is this another publish for ‘bhenderson79‘? Yes it is.
Are we surprised? No we’re not.
Should you play the rest of his Harry Potter Exams series? Yes you should.

Happy Days in History

There can’t be too many Finnish Sporclers compared to us Brits, but ‘Aprilli‘ more than makes up for that, both as Curator for Art and with their many Publishes: would you believe this is the 77th one? Better yet, this quiz is a chance to reminisce about good things happening in the past! Or as I like to think of it, nostalgia.

Also Published

Oscar Hosts Per Letter by ‘LTH‘ (A Sporcler so good, they made a badge after him)
Everyone’s a Critic (AFI Top 100) by ‘ChrisP‘ (Fourth Publish)
TV Show Opening Credits VI by ‘kfastic‘ (Curator for Europe)
Overlapping States by ‘actwentysix‘ (Second Publish: the first was in 2011!)
Test Your Reflexes VII by ‘Bolafssonify‘ (Curator for General Knowledge)

Daily Dose

Word Ladder: Never Let a Stranger on Your Boat by ‘bowsntoys‘ (Curator for Easter/Missing Word/Quick Pick)
Missing Word: Songs on Classic Rock Albums by ‘metakoopa99‘ (Curator for NFL/Rock)
Quick Pick: Love Poets by ‘Flick‘ (Editor for Language/Curator for Valentine’s Day)
On This Day: February 18th by ‘SporcleEXP‘ (Admin)

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