My First Publish: Rackie

Welcome to a brand new feature for the blog, ‘My First Publish’! This week we’re featuring ‘Rackie‘, Curator for Best Picture and Computer.

When did it happen?

January 9th, 2015, roughly 5 years after I started making quizzes.

What’s it called?

The Big Bang Theory Typing Challenge. It was published almost two years after I’d made it, so it was a rather long journey.

How did it first get noticed?

I was given some useful constructive criticism from ‘beforever‘* (who was the Typing curator at the time, I think) who also gave the quiz a curator pick.

*beforever is now the Geography Editor, as well as Curator for Anatomy, Chinese and A Song of Ice and Fire

Where were you when you found out it had been Published?

Bizarrely (or maybe not so bizarrely, since I think we’d all agree that getting your first publish is one of the biggest Sporcle milestones!) I can remember exactly where I was when I saw the email telling me it had been published. I was in a projection booth in a cinema. I hope nobody in the cinema was looking up through the porthole, because I’m pretty sure I did a little excited dance!

Thanks to Rackie for sharing her First Publish. If you’d like to feature yourself, simply message Chris on Sporcle.

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