Quiz of the Day: A Crossword a Day… Keeps the Cobwebs Away

One-Minute Crossword VIII

There can be something somewhat daunting about those cryptic crosswords you find skulking in the newspapers, so another Publish in this series by Qaqaq makes for a useful antidote to such ungainly beasts. The simplicity of this sixty-second word puzzle, however, should not overshadow the fact that a lot of work has gone into making this as devastatingly straightforward as it appears. In particular, the way in which the clues have been written takes a fair bit of effort, as it’s always good to give your hints a whiff of obscurity.

Also worth a nod from today’s Publishes is Click The French Speaking Countries. Fair warning: no matter how tempting it might be, you can’t click French Guiana as an answer. Quel dommage…

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Not For The Furious: 2 Fast 2 Blast

GOTCHA NOW you son of a badge.

Seriously, almost had a heart attack on the last quiz required to get it. One false move and you’ve had it: take too long and you’ve had it. It’s a tricky blighter, but it’s also mine. Geddit? ‘Cause it’s a minefield quiz? Admittedly, I’ve made better puns…

I also had the pleasure of earning Badgesplorer, which is rather fun as you play your way through lots of different Geography quizzes in lots of different subcategories in order to attain it, without necessarily needing to perform flawlessly. Sadly, we’re unlikely to see the word ‘Badgesplorer’ enter into common conversation anytime soon…

If you’ve yet to get your teeth into either badge, may I shamelessly suggest one of my latest quizzes as a warm-up? It’s both a Geography quiz and a Minefield quiz, so it’s win-win really…

Stay tuned for a review of other badges in due course!


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A Lull in Proceedings (this week’s Top Ten so far)


How refreshing of you to join us, Kool-Aid Man!

Apologies for the radio silence of late, folks: it’s been a rather hectic week both physically and mentally. Rather than try and play catch-up and sift through a week’s worth of Publishes, I’ve decided to move on and tackle this week’s first.

So far this week (Monday onwards) there have been three quizzes that have caught my eye:

1. Food Mascot Blitz

Thebiguglyalien is no stranger to Sporcle’s Homepage and he’s shown why with a Blitz quiz that’s stylish, fun and challenging without being exasperating. Plus, you now have a valid excuse (as if you needed one) to yell “OH YEAH”, Kool-Aid Man style.

2. Never Relocated (NFL)

On the one hand, it’s always pleasing to see someone getting their first Publish (congrats Viktrodriguez) – on the other hand, who knew the history and location of the Baltimore Ravens could be so contentious?

3. Click the Baltic Sea Countries

Do I like this Quiz by PrincessMartell because of its stunning visuals; its challenging time limit; or the pun Sporcle made about Finnish Borders being Finnish Lines?

I think we know.

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Weekly Top Ten (w/c 13/03/17)


Bear with us a moment, as we tell you a tale…

Another week, another excellent set of quizzes to digest. As always, you can read more about the Quizzes of the Day by clicking on the links. Shall we?

10) Quiz of the Day (14/03/17): Perfect Century Boy!

9) ASOIAF Minefield: Order of Death

Just a quick tip with this one: don’t use the Game of Thrones show as a guide, this quiz relies solely on the books. There’s a fair few of them to read through, too… 📚

8) ‘Beauty and the Beast’: Start to Finish

Just in case you didn’t know about the live action version coming out in cinemas this week, this quiz should keep it fresh in your mind. Don’t be too surprised by the Minefield element: it was made by the Minefield Curator after all!

7) One Letter Out: Musicals

You could have a lot of fun with Rent on this one. Bent? Sent? Cent? Belt? Melt? Oh no wait, that last one’s too similar to Wicked (what a world)…

6) One-Minute Crossword IV

If you think this crossword’s fun, check out the creator’s website for even more puzzles!

5) Big 4 Logos Collage II

You might remember me raving about this quiz’s predecessor on my old blog. This is definitely a decent sequel, though for some reason it doesn’t quite equal it in visual awesomeness. Ah well, still great fun.

4) Invisible NHL Teams

Hooray, the first NHL quiz published since I became Curator: though rest assured, I had no influence on its rise to prominence. The creator is on a hiatus of sorts at present, but was Curator of several subcategories until quite recently. Hopefully Publishes like these will hasten his return.

3) Quiz of the Day (15/03/17): Beware the Hi-Diddly-Hos of March

2) Quiz of the Day (13/03/17): 2 Fast 2 Speeding Tickets

1) Literary Teddy Bears

This quiz is both adorable and disturbing all at once. On the one hand, what’s not to love about teddy bears, especially when they’re made to look like icons of our favourite books? But on the other hand… why is there a Christian Grey teddy bear?!?

The horror. The bondage-induced horror. And that, friends, is part of the reason why this effort by PrincessMartell lands top spot: because we have never had a quiz with 50 Shades of Grey in the form of a teddy bear, and I dare say we never will again.

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My First Publish: Tr4pD00r


The Onion Knight would approve of this quiz

Welcome to another instalment of ‘My First Publish!’ – this week it’s Tr4pD00r, Curator for an entire continent (Asia) and also Flags: clearly those who wish to curry favour with the Sporcler otherwise known as Dan should consider making an Asian Flag quiz…

When was your first Publish?

On 18th of August 2016. I started making quizzes regularly in April of that year, so I didn’t have to wait all that long.

How did you come up with the idea for the quiz, and what was the quiz about?

It’s this quiz: https://www.sporcle.com/games/Tr4pD00r/onions-have-layers

Essentially, it’s about a spacebar challenge. The idea came to me accidentally. I was trying to make a different picture box quiz, and I wasn’t really sure how to format the pictures correctly. My first attempt at making that other quiz had all the images shred lengthwise into small strips. I then had the idea of using that as a basis for a spacebar challenge where you cut up an image. Onions came to mind, and that’s how this quiz was made.

(If anyone’s curious what that other quiz was, it was this one: https://www.sporcle.com/games/Tr4pD00r/quizception)

Did you have any help getting the quiz noticed?

I’m fortunate that this was a Just For Fun quiz, because our gracious JFF editor El_Dandy is more or less always on the scene before you can even send a message. I’ve gotten an EP for it just a short while after I launched the quiz, and then the publish came just a little bit after that. I don’t think I had to actively notify anyone about the quiz in all that time, which just made the publish feel all that better.

Where were you when you found out it had made the homepage?

The small nook in my living room where my desktop computer sits is more or less the only connection I have to the outside world. As such, I’m here for a large chunk of the day. I don’t think I was there the moment the quiz got published, though. That’s because I remember logging on to Sporcle and having an obscene amount of notifications. The majority of them were about new comments on this quiz, and when I got around to checking them, I noticed the picture that comes with published quizzes was now on this one.

Any advice for would-be quizmakers?

Don’t feel rushed to get a quiz out there. The best quizzes are the most creative ones, so you really shouldn’t feel that you have to launch quizzes on a regular basis just to get something out there. Once you get an idea for a good quiz, it’s generally good practice to ask curators and editors to help you refine that idea into something people will want to play. We’re all here to help, and we’ll never steer you wrong.

Thanks to Dan aka Tr4pD00r for his words of wisdom (as well as his help in updating some of the pages on this site)! If you’d like to feature on My First Publish, feel free to message me.

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Quiz of the Day (15/03/17): Beware the Hi-Diddly-Hos of March


One of these days they’re going to draw Viking helmets without those horns… but today is not that day!

History on the Simpsons

Ooh, if only this had been Michiel‘s 15th Publish instead of his 16th: it would have been very fitting on such an auspicious date. Still, at least this Quiz is suitably steeped in historical lore, with the added entertainment factor of Homer and Company thrown in. The thing I like most is that you can do well on this quiz by being two different types of geek: a History geek who recognises the events from intricate little details, or a Simpsons geek who happens to have seen all the episodes. I probably tend more towards the former than the latter, what with a History degree and a love of the Simpsons that fades considerably after Season 10/11.

On a side note, what is it with American sitcoms going on longer than necessary? Granted some are better for having a good four or five seasons, but I can think of at least three sitcoms that got old after six or seven. Even my beloved Scrubs made a horrific error in trying to do a ninth season that ultimately fell by the wayside (as Zach Braff alluded to recently.

Honourable mentions also go to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Start to Finish by Thebiguglyalien for getting the song ‘Gaston’ almost permanently stuck in my head, and to One Letter Out: Musicals by Flick for making me nearly choke on my cup of tea. There’s clearly a market in misspelled musicals just waiting to be conquered…

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Quiz of the Day (14/03/17): Perfect Century Boy!


You get a better view of this image if Ukraine your neck a bit!

Hidden Neighbours of Ukraine

If I ever meet markassonne in the street, I’ll buy him a pint: for this quiz is but one of the many in his Hidden Neighbours series that have helped me on my way to the dreaded and notorious Perfect Century badge.

Why is it so notorious? Because you have to get 100% on a quiz you’ve never played that day, every day, for a 100 consecutive days. Evil badge is evil, I tells ya.

Effectively, this quiz tests your memory in a way that’s cool but simplistic: you are given an outline of Ukraine and are left to consider where a bordering country is in relation, without any drawn borders to assist. This could be horribly frustrating if the ‘skip’ option wasn’t included, but fortunately it is, thus allowing you to find the easier targets (e.g. Russia) first. Of course, telling the geographical difference between Hungary and Slovakia may not be quite so easy, but that’s Central Europe for you.

Honourable mention goes to Qaqaq for his One-Minute Crossword IV Quiz: I didn’t even have to use a pen for it! No cross words from me on this one…


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